Media Release : Asia’s first smoked IPA at Smokey’s BBQ

The Media Preview session was held to explore the unique blend, discover new complementing fusion of smoked dishes and enjoy an evening in the cosy repose of at 73 Joo Chiat Place right opposite Popular Fei Fei Wanton Mee. ( a well-known supper place, that you might heard of)

The launch of Asia’s first smoked IPA: The Archipelago Hickory Smoked IPA – a unique hybrid of beer styles, the popular English India Pale Ale & the German smoked Rauchbier styles. The Archipelago Hickory Smoked IPA was created for Beerfest 2011 and has made its debut yesterday at Smokey’s BBQ.

 In the next two weeks, Archipelago concept bars will begin to receive their first batches of the brew. On 16thJune 2011 at Beerfest 2011, the Archipelago Hickory smoked IPA will be showcased to trade guests as well as to members of the public during the mega beer event.

Let me share some pictures at the preview event , a nice chilling place.

The lovely Team at Smokey’s BBQ

The Fun-loving Guys at Smokey’s enjoying their beer after a hard day of work

Beer Pairing with good food 🙂 meat and bread, Perfection

The crowds there… is it very accessible? where there is good beer and food. who cares? We all love Smokey’s BBQ Place

The Pretty girls that serve us our drinks.

Alrighty, signing off here, have a GREAT night and see ya at the Beerfest 2011 in Singapore !

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