Invest in a Good Mask for a Smooth Beautiful Skin

Have you been shopping alot on your clothings, bags, shoes , but hey, what about your beautiful face? Invest in a Good Mask for a smooth beautiful skin.

My Experience on using Grace Pearl collagen Mask
The mask is very soft , the tissue texture is not like the usually drugstore mask. Holding it is very smooth and soft. I chill it in the fridge before using. And what is good about Grace Mask, there is also the eye flap when u can cover fully and totally all over the face. Thus, one mask caters all , even to the eye.

Upon removal of the mask, my skin feel supple, smooth, refreshing. It is a gentle mask , no alcohol scent or biting feeling. my skin still feel very soft and smooth even after that.

Usually i would review the product , this time round , i would like to extend the goodness and share with my readers here. But while stock last. Capping at 20 boxes.

At just $38 per box of 10 pcs, i think it is indeed a good buy!

Send those email to to place your order, mailing within singapore is free of charge. Thus, hazzle-free and no need to carry heavy shopping bags, place your order and receive it within 3 working days.

Pearl Collagen Mask (Box – contain 10 pcs)

Main Feature

 Calming and softening facial mask

  • Heals and repairs skin tissues
  • Corrects skin discolouration
  • Slow down skin ageing process
  • Leaves skin soft and supple
  • Suitable to all skin type

Contain 10 pieces of facial mask

Smooth radiant skin : My SECRET to beauty and Ageless !
Try it and see the difference yourself. i am sure you will be addicted to it. 🙂 While Stock Lasts!
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Name : 
mailing address:
Qty:Email to 

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