I-Beauty Medispa – Excellent Experience

Half the Year 2011 have passed. Have you review your health?

Let’s do a checklist with me : 
Do you have sleep problems?
Do you wakeup in the middle of the night
Do you feel tired even if you go to bed early?
Are you too busy to go to bed early?
Do you think this will affect your health or the glow/radiance in your face?

if the above factor do affect you and you want to make a change to your health and delay signs of ageing, here, i will share with you what i have gone through. No harm trying for you because for one treatment, you can see a improvement in you. and it is just $28 to try out.

Also, they are v nice to help each individual. No hard selling at all. Sometimes they are willing to do an extra mile for you to try the service or even to share tips and information to you.

The service i try is called  Feminine Therapy I-Mox Feminine Care .
The Benefits of the Massage and capping is as follow  :

– Enhances body contouring

– weight loss

– Reduction of flabs and cellulite

– Improving lymphatic drainage

– Feeling younger

 My Experience with I-Beauty Medispa for my Ovary Treatment

As the saying only a woman knows the other woman well. And the professional acupressure methodology together with Nano Technology essential oils helps to enhances and preserves the health of every woman.

They uses pure natural ingredients mixed with Nano Technologo essential. you can feel your body warm not only on the outside but surprisingly my tummy inside was all warm and it can last like 24 hours . Something Unique you cannot find in other boutique as alot of it , they are purely verbally hardselling and saying their product is good. Even using it , i cant see significant result.

The beautician are all very well trained and very professional in our acupressure point. They are helpful to help improves problem i face in my MENSES Pain and poor sleep . I have poor sleep regime when i always wake up alot ,light sleeper, sleep is often disturbed. Monthly Menses pain is killing me when i have to take panadole .

This treatment is I-Mox Feminine Care

It helps to improves and care for my Ovary. Something you cant find at other beauty salon. If you want to have anti-ageing, beautiful skin , it is not just using wondering skincare products, Radiance glow comes for your HEALTH. Going throught 1-3 treatment will show radiance… and you can also notice, u need less makeup on your face.

Natural Beauty is still something your Boyfriend, Husband or Lover will see when you wakeup. Take a look in the mirror and decide for yourself. No harm trying and after all, travelling, swimming and exercising, you wont want to be in thick makeup right?

No harm trying a Beauty treatment inside out and improves your complex, beauty needs and even CURE the PAIN in your MENSES Cycle!

You can also come with your friends for the treatment too.

I Really love the TREATMENT from I-Beauty Medispa and would sincerely like to introduce to you.

Recommanded service, Body Massage, Magnetic bed holistic Rest (promised good sleep and deep sleep ) , if you are not sure what to try, call up make an appointment and they will customise for you!

To try it out for yourself for a more healthy you, @ $28  ( 1st time)

call 6459 8178 , 6457 0054

Blk 302 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 , #01-1850 Singapore 560302
call 6455 9379, 6455 9124

Blk 713 Ang Mok Kio Central #01-4050
call 82118199    55 Tras Street

For more information :

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