[Media Release] 313 @somerset Hunts For Its Official Mayor As Part of its GSS Campaign

Mall Aims to Put Fun and Entertainment back on the GSS Agenda

 Singapore, 25 May 2011 – Knowing how Singaporeans love their shopping malls, it’s now time for a mall to return the love.

So, 313@somerset is on the hunt for a Singaporean to be crowned ‘The Official Mayor of 313’ and will receive a year’s spending money, pampering treats, styling assistance, exclusive event invitations and of course, lots of love from the mall.

To claim the title of mayor, four selected shoppers will compete against each other in various challenges while living in a unique ‘Room@313’ to be constructed at 313@somerset as part of this year’s Great Singapore Sale (GSS) campaign.

The four shoppers will live in Room@313 for 10 days – from June 8th to June 17th—and participate in daily challenges such as fashion treasure hunts, styling outfits, and memory challenges, each requiring participants to think on their feet.

Members of the public will be able to see them in action at the mall and can also log on to Facebook to witness the ‘face- off’ online and vote for their favorite to win, on the 313@somerset Facebook page.

The participants will blog and tweet in real-time to actively update shoppers about their experiences and the mall’s latest promotions.

313@somerset’s thematic campaign for GSS, “The More We Get Together, The Happier We’ll be @313” will also showcase local indie singer- songwriter, Inch Chua, who has recorded her own version of the popular childhood song “The More We Get Together’.

This familiar tune was selected to reflect the mall’s objectives of bringing Singaporeans together for a happy and fun shopping experience.

For World Environment Day, which takes place on 5th June 2011, 313@somerset is collaborating with DeforestAction to preserve parts of a rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia and 313 shoppers will get certificates indicating the coordinates of the land they are helping to preserve in a bid to prevent further destruction of the country’s rainforests. The shoppers can track the progress made with this land at the DeforestAction website, engaging them in rainforest conservation.

To further raise awareness for the importance of environmental sustainability, local visual artists will be engaged to create a huge fashion sculpture from pieces of recycled tiles.

313 Deals

313@somerset presents fabulous bargains this GSS with $3.13, $31.30 and $313 deals amongst a wide variety of discounts. The deals will be publicised on 313’s social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

GSS Rewards

Shoppers at 313 are entitled to a $10 313 Fashion voucher for each minimum spend of $150. OCBC cardmembers enjoy the same entitlement for each spend of $120. Redemptions are capped at 80 per day.

OCBC Rewards

Exclusively for OCBC cardmembers, shoppers at 313 can redeem a $10 313 voucher for each spend of $100 (maximum of 3 same-day receipts). Redemptions are capped at 90 per day.

SPH ‘Shop and Win’ Campaign

As one of the participating malls in the SPH ‘Shop and Win’ Campaign, shoppers at 313@somerset only need to spend a minimum of $30 to qualify for a chance to win up to $200,000 worth of cash and prizes. Prizes include two Subaru cars, digital cameras and home appliances in the eight weekly draws.

Carpark Rebates

Shoppers who spend a minimum of $100 (max 3 same-day receipts) receive $3.21 rebate on their parking fees, valid on weekdays from 27 May till 30 June.

For more information on 313@Somerset GSS campaign and Room@313’s hunt for ‘The Official Mayor of 313’, please visit:

Facebook page (www.facebook.com/313somerset)
Also, Add me in my Facebook : www.facebook.com/ginevigin

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