Murad – Transforming Skincare

Let me give a Brief introduction of the Media Invitation of the Murad Hybrids , Transforming Skincare that is launched at Mandarin Oriental and sharing a little pictures Taken that day

Group Photo of Fellow bloggers and Mimi :

And Very very Pretty Table Settings :

Alrighty, keeping it brief and wanna go into Murad Hybrids Products :

Let me introduce my favourite product from Murad Hybrids – It’s Not Makeup. It’s Murad.

Hybrids™ Eye Lift Illuminator

Great Product However, Packaging please improve.

The Eye Lift Illuminator is a great product, especially when used as as a makeup base for our dedicated eye area. The texture is silky and refreshing. I like the pearly instant brightening finish and a noticeable reduction in the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. The trouble with this product is the packaging. The rubber-eraser-like applicator is having too much friction to my eyes if you want to apply direction, not advisable I would recommand using fingers to pat into the eye area. Also, the clicker-product advancer often dispenses too much product. I also don’t find the amount of product for the price much of a value if only they could be providing a better dispenser. Having said all of that, I will still buy the product. Reason being, this eye treatment from the scientific skin care experts at Murad combines the effects of makeup to lighten and brighten your eyes along with the skin care benefits of an eye cream to restore, repair and perfect the skin around your sensitive eye region. A neutralizing violet formula instantly brightens the eye area and minimizes the look of dark circles under the eyes. Eye Lift Illuminator is proven to increase skin firmness by fifty percent in just fifteen minutes. I like it that much. 🙂

Product Review Rating : 3.8/5 Recommanded

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer, Matte Finish & Dewy Finish

Great Product and more shades please 

I love that it had both Matte Finish & Dewy Finish, which are two oil-free , pore minimizing formulas. They create the perfect canvas for the skin tone, however, juz hope there is more shades so less blending needed for fair skin like mine. And for those who is worried about this , it takes just a little bit more effort to blend as they have the adaptive shade technology that creates and matches skin tone.

Thus, still love the benefits the product have to the skin and will recommand it and buy it too!

So Readers, you can get these Murad Skincare products available at BHG Bugis, Metro Paragon, Robinson Centerpoint, Tara apothecary, Sephora@ Great World City, ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Ngee Ann City.

Cheers and ending with a teethy smile Because it is requested by all that Gin should give a big HAPPY Smile…

Yes Just got my GREEN Braces on and GREAT Pain and Plenty of REST is needed and do Stay Tuned , might not be updating my blog till next week.

Alrighty… Have a GREAT Week Ahead!

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