[OMY Media Invite] GET YOUR SEXY BACK with Asia Pacific Breweries

Together with Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) and omy wants to GET YOUR SEXY BACK!

Sure you’ve heard of the term “Everything in moderation”. Well, here’s the thing… you can party all you like, but when it comes to gulping down alcoholic drinks, do you know when to stop?

Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) is Singapore’s first youth-led programme to encourage responsible drinking among young adults, and to spread the message that while partying is perfectly cool, binge-drinking is not!

I am invited to join the OMY Media for this event and to create the awareness that when it comes to alcohol, we have to drink RESPONSIBLITY.

Here’s some events photos :

On my way  :

My pass .. Cool right 🙂

My Drink…Tiger Crystal…

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