Slimming Theraphy Singapore | I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd

Hazel shared I-Beauty Signature Body Treatment :
The body treatment is our signature I-NF™BodySculpt.We started with giving our clients a thorough body health analysis to determine their health status and slimming needs.
Then tailored to each individual, this treatment targets the body’s vital acupoints to boost metabolism, break down stubborn fats and regulates the lymphatic and detoxification system. Coupled with nano treatment concentrates that permeates fast and deep into the pockets of fats, it allows effective fat-burning for up to 24 hours after every session.

This treatment not only improves the body’s detoxification system, it also boosts metabolism, curbs excessive appetities and improves lean muscle mass, so as to give a long-lasting weight and fat loss result.

For more information :
My Experience of the signature I-NF™BodySculpt, slimming body therapy
I like that my bloating problems is solved and the effect is lasting and it works and solve my stubborn fat problem. I am glad that i lost 0.6kg at just one session. i would sincerely love to share with those who are searching for a long lasting weight lost method.

For 1st Trial customer only. Experience our signature I.N.F Body Slim Procedure at S$18 only. For more enquiries, call 6459 8178 / 6220 2550 / 6455 9379

or check out here on their website for more details :  {CLICK HERE}

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