The Launch of HOUSE OF MINI

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House of Mini is the first local patisserie to bring  together all three properties to present to consumers healthy, high quality and creatively-crafted pastry delights that are low in sugar content.

HOUSE OF MINI – There is a ‘mini’ behind everything delightful.

In endeavoring to offer consumers sinless satisfaction for their sweet tooth cravings, House of Mini has produced ingeniously sized or ‘bite-size’ pastries. Customers are ensured that whatever goes to their mouth, does not add much into their waistline.

House of Mini offers contemporary Japanese elegant theme to you, your friends and family with an impressive, gastronomic range of lovable creations.  Aside from Baby Cups (miniature cupcakes), other delights on offer include Baby Puffs, Baby Rings (miniature donuts), Baby Rollies (miniature Swiss rolls), and Baby Yo-Yo (miniature crispy cakes).

The Launch of HOUSE OF MINI  and their team and celebrity GUEST in the House!

Cupcake making sessions for me as an invited guest 🙂

And Ta-Daaaaa… Something really simple …

Promotions :
HAPPY PINK THURSDAY (valid till 30th Dec 2011)

苏奕铨 – Making Cupcake at House of Mini

For more information, check out

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