Launch of Arteastiq – Day Brunch and Takeaway LITE Menu

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Happy Easter Sunday! Having a GREAT weekend shopping? 🙂

Wondering where is a good place to sit down and rest your tired legs and take a break from your shopping? Arteastiq is a really good choice . Situated at the heart of orchard, MERITUS MANDARIN GALLERY , LEVEL 4, definately  a place you cant miss it.

Let me share alittle bit about ARTEASTIQ Tea Lounge

Essentially meaning ‘the art of teasing’ or ‘the art of tea that makes you tick’ . Arteastiq embodies the essence of luxurious living with its modern lounge and designer furniture by Marxx.

With a fascinating range of special, alcoholic, dessertand fruit tea sets and an assortment of “teasers” (savouries) and desserts (premium gelato, cakes and scones) to go along in a luxurious and relaxing setting.

Arteastiq has won the hearts of all that have tried this innovative concept. Shoppers can rest their feet after shopping and have a sip of fruit tea infused with alcohol, enjoying the ambience of comtemporary Europe tucked in a cosy corner. Each and every recipe has undergone stringent research and development to perfect the taste and tea blends. Each pot of tea is brewed seperately on the spot , with the freshest ingredients, to assure quality.

Arteastiq is set to be the latest rave –  a luxury chill-out lounde in the city where customers can relax with friends or business associates from day to night.

A salad of my Favourite though i am not a fan of vegetables , but this does caught me with the charm and allure of a Geisha with crunchy Japanese cucumber , cherry tomatores , alfafa sprouts , red reddishe, olives and garlie croutons. A choice of Japanese dressing or Balsamic Vinaigrette… Gin says, MUST TRY, Memoirs of Geisha. 

And one of my Favourite food : Winter Salmon
Indulge in wintry dreams with the Winter Salmon from Seasons of Love.

Looking for something different on a Lunch Appointment? Set Meal Menu , 11.30-2pm , how much does it cost? $7.90 onwards… and my favourite wil be

Viva La Fiesta Tortilla Quesadilla, picture speaks a million words :

A New Healthy twist in Beverages choice… thirst quenching hot and cool drinks disperses all dryness within the throat and body and re-energizes with nutrients and refreshing taste!

For more information, check out : arteastiq

Opens : 8.30am to 1030pm

Stay Tuned for more Post coming up, and let me continue my sunday with a nice Dessert Rose Tea 🙂  Happy Easter Sunday!!! 🙂

Remember to try it yourself too, there is so many interesting finds to catch in the Arteastiq menu 🙂

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