Shills Dust It and Shills 5 in 1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifier Make up Remover

Shills Dust It (Miracle Volume Up Powder) – Retail at $24.90

Create 3 times your hair volume with this unique volume-nizing powder. Set natural volume UP wavy hairstyles for that perfect look. Strong and long lasting effects that is non-sticky and hair finishing is as light as air.

Create a volume look no matter how thin the hair! Do away with lifeless and superficial hairstyle. Dust your hair today!

you can get it : {CLICK HERE}

How to use it? :
Pour a small quantity onto palm and spread out well before blending into ends or other parts where you want to create volume. Create volumes by lifting the top from middle to the ends of the hair.

Why do i love Shills Dust it :
– Unique Powder formulation
– Light in texture & non-sticky
– soft matt effect as long as 48hours
– loose light & voluminous hair

Next let me introduce Another Favourite Product , Shills Rose Essential i love it so much. It is a GREAT gift too for your Girlfriends, Mummy, Good friends or for any occasions as a thoughtful gift 🙂

Shills 5 in 1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifier Make up Remover – Retail at $28.90

Product information from Shills :
Water-based, oil-free make-up remover and clarifier. With enchanting rose essential oil and herbal extracts that work together to cleanse, balance, hydrate, clarify and brighten skin in just one simple step.

Make up remover, deep cleansing wash, skin exfoliation, skin conditioning and repair—five effects in one. Non-greasy, it completely removes stubborn make-up and grease. Softens skin surface and removes scaly dead skin cells while moisturizing skin. Toner conditions skin for better absorption of skin essences and moisturizers afterwards.

Capacity: 250ml

Rose essential oil, Rose water, Forsythia suspensa fruit extract, Saururus chinensis leaf extract, Morus alba root extract, Japanese cucumber, Mannitol.
Directions for Use:
1. Apply enough clarifier liquid to cotton pad and gently dab on eyes and face to remove make-up, dirt and excess oil.
2. Repeat step 1 until the face is cleansed, and cotton pad comes away clear.
3. Rinse with water if necessary.
4. Suitable for use as a temporary toner. Ideal for travel use.

My Verdict after using it for  1 week :

I like it very much as it remove stubborn makeup thoroughly and easily, it is gentle and water base and does not make my eye lashes drop. it is easy to use too. My skin feel hydrates and cleanse and bright after using.

Also, i love that is is suitable for my eye area . There is also a tint of rose scent. i smell nice and good after using too. i love it! Recommanded and i will continue to use it ! GRAB yours today too!!!

You can get it online here too and save the hazzle to shop and carry your things around {CLICK HERE}

You can also find Shills product at John Little in Singapore 🙂

For more information on both products, {CLICK HERE}
or check out to join them in the facebook {CLICK HERE}

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