Stylemyself – One Stop Fashion E-catalogue


Fashion Week is round the corner.

Styling yourself is FUN especially compliments when you are wearing the stylish outfit. Wearing something online, from mobile app, even exclusive handmade pieces are really AWESOME, but where exactly u can find these ?

Heard of Stylemyself – One Stop Fashion E-catalogue… A wide variety of Fashion Brands for Ladies, Mens, even kids , beauty, bath etc

Pretty Stylish Fashion Wear

Mens Fashion! Guys, you can hide at your little corner and buy your stuff online.

And Beauty Products to check out too :

After using it for a week…

I will love to shop at the Woman fashion section more because there are really a great variety of items to watch out for. It is a one stop Fashion catalogue that i can access and link up to different blogshops and get different exclusive pieces.

Also, i do not have to squeeze through crowds or carry heavy shopping bags on weekends. i got them right at my doorstep.  Exclusive items and handmade bags are found. It’s EASY and you can shop 24/7 as you want.

Experience it at Stylemyself yourself, Check out

Sharing some information from the Press kit, a brief introduction About Stylemyself :

 Stylemyself is a one-stop fashion e-catalogue dedicated to products gathered across many fashion categories and retailers across Singapore. It provides a new and unique way to browse through retail fashion and fashion-related products available locally. Stylemyself organizes and catalogues images and details of products that are available for sale across Singapore. It is a platform for local fashion retailers to showcase their LATEST products collectively.

For more information about Stylemyself :

Stylemyself blog:

Join Them on the Facebook :

Social Media and Technology growth are increasing popular among us right now.

The closest thing that we bring along with us everyday is our mobile phones.Smartphones are greatly used in our daily lives especially working adults and everywhere we roam. Other than checking emails, the best thing is mobile apps. Trying Stylemyself at your fingertips!

You can download the iPhone app here.

Stylemyself App Showcases the latest fashion products, events, and trends available in singapore. You can find out where you can purchase them today.

You can also mark your favourite products on Stylemyself’s website . The iPhone app will notify you when you are close to your favourites.

A Summary of the useful Features of Stylemyself App :

1. Fashion products are broken down to specific categories for ease of browsing

2. Notifies shoppers when they are physically near the favourites

3.Browse for fashion products in pictures and also video format

4. Dedicated to Singaporean fashionistas.

What are you waiting for ? Try it yourself and you can also see what’s nearby from your mobile app too. Download now!

I like it alot personally coz it is fast and doesnt lag. i have also tried it on a iphone 3 platform it is not laggy too. 🙂 GREAT to TRY! Don’t miss out the fun, tell your friends too.

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One thought on “Stylemyself – One Stop Fashion E-catalogue

  1. i am looking to relocate to SG end of the year and have been on the lookout for singaporean based beauty/lifestyle blogs and info. thanks for sharing!

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