Porcelain Face Spa , My Experience

Beautiful skin does not come easy. Sometimes, it seems that eating healthy, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, exercise and good sleeping habits does not seem to suffice. As I look into my lifestyle, I wonder what is it I need to improve my skin and to have it smooth like Porcelain?

My first guess: MAKEUP


Makeup has become integral to my lifestyle and I’d rather be caught dead than barefaced. I stumbled upon the big question: Why and when did makeup take over my life?

Was it to conceal my flaws, or that I have become so used to seeing my skin made-up I no longer have confidence in my bare skin? Indeed, I do have tiny oil bumps under my skin and they look a little like white heads. My skin tone is rather uneven and a little dull (may be due to lack of exposure to Oxygen as there’s always makeup on it). Despite having occasional outbreaks and feeling “oily”, ironically, the surface of my skin is extremely dehydrated.


Are these problems results of my dependence on makeup or is makeup used to conceal these problems?



So far, my skincare regime consists of purchasing over-the counter products. Despite diligently using them, effects have remained questionable. Is my skin lacking the love from a professional?


I feel that my pores badly need deep cleansing.  With clogged pores, my skin seems not able to absorb the goodness of any skincare product. Is this the problem?


As I was searching for an answer, I chanced upon an IS Magazine article listing Porcelain The Face Spa as one of the TOP Facial Spas in Singapore! [CLICK HERE]. After seeing some other sweet reviews, I’ve decided to give it a try.

If you are concerned like me, let us look at my experience at Porcelain The Face Spa, Located at 31A Cantonment Road (tel: 62279692). Walking distance from Outram Park station – how convenient.

Step into the cozy ambience of Porcelain, The Face Spa. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

Served with Green Tea and after a brief explanation on what will I be doing, I was lead into the room by my therapist.  I went for the Quintessential Facial followed by RevitalEye Luxx.

My skin was analysed after double cleansing. Problems were confirmed. Tiny oil bumps under my skin, skin surface dehydrated, and major congestion.

After that, we proceeded to do extractions. Instead of using steamer, a product was applied to soften the pores and my therapist told me that this way, it would prevent unnecessary enlargement of pores.

The extraction process took nearly an hour – talk about being detailed.

After which they toned my skin, applied a custom blended serums / ampoule treatment and moved on to perform RevitalEye massage.

Along with the Golden Dust Eye Mask, and a custom blended face mask, my therapist used the famous LED light therapy which is used by dermatologists all over the world. Red light helps cell rejuvenation, increase collagen production, prevents lines and helps heal the skin after all that extraction. Blue lights kills bacteria, prevents infections and controls acne.

I immediately feel a much smoother skin (the bumps are mostly gone), and my skin is surprisingly NOT red! My eye problems are reduced, with less puffy eyes and I do look revitalized!


I’ll definitely be coming back, and stay tuned while I keep you updated on the progress on my treatments with Porcelain.
Can’t wait to try? Quote GW when you make an appointment with Porcelain to enjoy a Trial Signature Facial at $38 and Trial RevitalEye Luxx at $28. Hope you love it like I do.

Porcelain complexion will never remain a dream.

Stay Happy and Pretty Always!!! 🙂

Stay Tuned for My Porcelain Loot.


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