EverSoft Infinite Youth Recall Serum

As we celebrates the International Woman Week, let us congratulate everyone and the 100 Most inspiring woman for Cozycot.

CozyCot 100 Most Inspiring Woman [ Click here ]

Woman are beautiful when we are confident. Woman are beautiful when we are nice . Beauty is not in the face. It is in the light of the heart . It is an experience felt that gives you a smile.  Beauty is when you love yourself , you take good care of yourself.

To age beautifully is the beauty of a woman. EverSoft Infinite Youth Recall Serum is an answer for our mum, something in-expensive too. A little love for your mum will make her smile. 🙂 When is the last time you do so?

Early prevention is the true solution. Age has a way of sneaking up on you when least expected. One day you’re enjoying a firm, smooth complexion, and the next you glimpse in the mirror and notice signs of fine lines and age spots that were not there before. Once this happens, it’s hard to reverse or RESET. So the earlier you take action to save your skin, the better!

Let me share a little information on the product…EverSoft Infinite Youth Recall Serum.


Meet EverSoft Infinite Age-defying system.

Bio-StemCell Activator
Powerful combination of nature and science that kick-starts your skin cell‘s self-renewal process, increasing skin’s elasticity as well as improving tone and radiance

Toco-Retin A
Patented formulation that speeds up cell regeneration and promotes collagen synthesis to combat future skin damage.

Powerful antioxidant that strengthens the skin barrier to protect against free radicals, building good skin structure and delaying photo-ageing.

Formulated for ASIAN skin
Visible Results as reported by women using EVERSOFT Infinite:
– 87% feel instant moisturisation & smoothness
-80% see fine lines & wrinkles reduced in 2 weeks
– 80% see enhanced smoothness & radiance in 2 weeks.

My Mum’s Experience using it :
The texture of the product is soft and light, it is quickly absorbed into the skin. The skin feel fresher, smooth and brighter. It does not make my skin feel oily even though i have combination skin. Instant moisturisation on my face and smooth and even fine lines. Something i will recommand to my friends too.

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