Beautiful Brides @ Suntec City 4-6 March 2011

Beautiful Brides @ Suntec City 4-6 March 2011, It is a once a month event and  this time round it is really interesting that catches my attention. As we all know wedding pictures and theme from wedding packages does not restrict to just a beautiful scenery and wedding gown… nowadays more and more interesting ideas and attractive packages evolve and that is for good memory… haaa.. maybe for this will be something of looking back memory and laugh together for marrying couples out there.

A once in a lifetime Experience… to be makeup and dress up in COSPLAY Characters, haaa… something interesting if you can show your kids in future… let’s us look at some pictures of the event 🙂

Capture a moment to remember at the W&T floral booth.

If you think the guy on the left looks familiar, yes, he’s MediaCorp actor Zhang Yao Dong. As you know the 9pm show is now having the wedding show .

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People people everywhere.

Different genres of comic exhibitors at the fair.

Photo Standee VS Life-size balloon figurines.

Cosplayers add a fun touch to the wedding fair ^^

Photo enthusiasts’ happy day 🙂

Free makeover for a glamorous or Cosplay look to match the dresses.

Dresses for free rental, only for wearing at Beautiful Brides.

Lavender, the comic character, dons a wedding gown for this occasion.

Hope you enjoy the Beautiful Pictures for the Event…

Just like the perfect ending to a manga story… happy ending 🙂
Stay Tuned for this coming month reporting live 🙂

For more information check out :

All photos is credited to Wedding Travel. Thanks for the picture.

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