TALIKA : The Launch of Its Remarkable Device : Light Duo®

It is indeed an eye opener to this The Launch of Its Remarkable Device : Light Duo® by TALIKA,

Presented by Mr. Francois Henri Jacques Laurent from Paris. 🙂

This revolutionary anti-ageing youth treatment uses a particular light wavelengh to activate the creation of collagen and elastin in the areas that have been particularly weakened by time, pollution and UV rays (eye contour, lips, hands, neck).

Let me share a bit more on collagen as of  wikipedia.

What is Collagen ? (from wikipedia)

Collagen is the body’s major structural protein composed of three protein chains wound together in a tight triple helix. Approximately 33 percent of the protein in the body is collagen. This protein supports tissues and organs and connects these structures to bones. In fact, bones are also composed of collagen combined with certain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. 

Collagen makes up 75 percent of our skin; thus, the smooth, plump appearance of young, healthy skin is due in large part to the presence of healthy collagen levels. Because of this, beauty seekers around the globe search for new ways to boost collagen levels and repair past collagen damage—some go so far as to inject collagen proteins into the skin to plump wrinkles and add volume to the lips. The breakdown of healthy collagen and the decline in collagen production leads to the development of unwanted wrinkles and the appearance of aged skin.

Having read about what is collagen, so to decline the signs of aging , tiredness, dullness of the skin. I think this Remarkable Device : Light Duo® From Talika is the answer. I felt that the price is really very worth coz it can provide not juz one but 2 benefits in one device.

Also, i like the handy and compact size and i can use it anywhere i want especially during working hours for a 45 secs break, to refreshen up my looks for the evening. Definately a technology and a beauty device that can be included in my handbag and use it as often as i want.

Light 590 collagen booster , Anti-aging , effects deep within your cells .

TALIKA laboratories have identified the wavelength (590 nm) which stimulates collagen production. Light 590 repairs the skin , giving it a smooth and toned appearance while reinforcing and regenerating it from the inside. Wrinkles and fine lines will gradually disappear , restoring suppleness and elasticity to your skin.

From the first month: Wrinkles are spectacularly smoothed out.
Volume, suppleness and glow are restored to your skin. The epidermis is toned.
Reduction of crow’s feet: – 25%*
Reduction in length of frown lines: – 32%*
Reduction in wrinkle depth: – 32%*
Improvement in skin tonicity: + 33%*
* Clinical study conducted by Gredeco on 30 volunteers in 2007.

Light 525 skin lightener , Brightening, anti-dark spot revolution by light.

The light rays that Light 525 skin lightener emits aim directly at spots and dark patches to effectively reduce pigmentation on the surface of the skin and prevents new spots from forming. Tests results from the department of dermatology at Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in Paris , France document that consistently using this device 2 minutes a day for 30 days reduces pigmentation in the skin.

Light525® skin lightener:
The diodes continuously emit a precise frequency (525 nm) in a controlled manner so as to prevent and reduce brown spots and lighten the skin.

Melanocytes synthesize melanin pigments, which are responsible for skin coloring. When melanin is produced regularly and constantly, skin pigmentation is uniform.

With the combined effects of skin ageing and UV rays, melanin production can be affected. The skin loses its glow and, over time, brown spots appear up to 2cm in diameter. They are generally found on the face, hands and forearms.

Moreover, over the age of 50, the skin undergoes transformations that change the appearance of the pigment spots. The skin becomes thinner. The melanocytes, highly concentrated in dark pigments, get closer to the skin surface and are therefore more visible.

After 30 days: -30.3% pigmentation
After 60 days: -46% pigmentation

TALIKA – Light, An Anti-ageing Revolution . It is a Remarkable technology and a Device made for not only ladies but guys too. 🙂

Watch this short video demo found in youtube for a better understanding of the product.

Ok not to forget being served with nice little refreshment 🙂

Let me also share with you one of my Favourite product from TALIKA.


The Complemental treatment for dehydrated skins Anti wrinkles oil treatment .  The exceptional quality and purity of these 100% natural oils, made entirely from vegetal extracts,  make a highly efficient product for restoring devitalised , dehydrated skin.

Actions and Results:
– Revitalizes and firms the skin.
– Softens the epidermis.
-Prevents dehydration and formation of the lines .
-Regulates secretion of sebum
-Drains impurities

Components :
Soft almond oil, Avocado oil, Hazelnut oil , essential oil of lavendar .
-No Color
-No preservatives

My Personal Advice:
It is best to use at night before sleep. Put a few drops on dampened cleansed skin . Gently rub in with fingertips. The calming sense of oil , let me have good sleep while my skin are very well moisturised. It is like a essential oil that is use for facial massage for beauty salon.

When applying in evening, use HUILES PRECIEUSES after bath which will calm skin and muscles to allow for a more complete and efficient absorption.

For more information of TALIKA Products, pls check out  : http://www.talika.com
TALIKA – Paris : The expert of specific treatments

5 thoughts on “TALIKA : The Launch of Its Remarkable Device : Light Duo®

  1. Hi hi,
    I am thinking of getting one of this, since you got yours in March, may I know whether is it effective in terms of collagen (which from my pov you won’t need one as you look extremely young) and also on the brightening effect.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Where can i buy the talika Collagen light 590 in Singapore? Thanks.

    I am from the philippines and great help to me.Thanks


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