AFC Chitosan Trim – Product Review

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Gaining weight… not able to control your cravings and temptation for yummy food? Introducing something for both MALE and FEMALE so you feel less guilty when you indulge in good food!

The Down-side of Dining out and food cravings…

We are all love to eat and our obsession with culinary matters very often leads to bingeing of unhealthy food. After a hard day’s work, cooking a nutritious, well-balanced diet is likely to be the last thing on your minds. Eating out at hawker centers, fast food chains or restaurants becomes almost a daily ritual.  It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet when we eat out as the amount of oil and salt used is beyond our control. In fact, you won’t even know how much unhealthy stuff goes into making your food so delicious! Did you know that the recommended daily intake of fats and cholesterol can be easily exceed with just 2 meals or Nasi Briyani, Roti prata with curry or Char Kway Teoh?

Also, i must agree fatty food always taste better. Popping into potato chips during “tea break time” or temptation when your collegue asked you to have a little bit. And some restuarant promotion , like a today’s special, today’s deal for your favourite icecream of the day. How can u probably resist that?The situation is made worse when there is not enough exercise and physical activities to burn the extra calories. Thanks to AFC and was so glad that they helped me solve my problems with providing me a solution to try out AFC Chitosan Trim. Now, i feel that i would eat with less guilt and remind Trim and Slim.

So what are you waiting for?

Find AFC Chitosan Trim products in all Nishino and NTUC Unity Pharmacies, selected Guardian and Watsons. While Stock lasts!

Let me share a little bit more about what is Chitosan and why you should try it too?

Chitosan is a unique fast-absorbing natural fiber derived from the shells of shellfish. Chitosan cannot be digested or absorbed; hence it has no caloric value. Once consumed, Chitosan forms a gel in the intestines that binds to approximately 5 times its own weight of dietary fats – once the dietary fats are bound to Chitosan, they are not absorbed and will be eliminated via the feces. That’s why Chitosan is often called a “Fat Blocker.” Chitosan can be used when fatty foods are consumed to offset the impact of calories from the fats devoured.

Knowing that, I don’t have to keep worrying about all the fats building up in my body.

But why is AFC Japans Chitosan Trim formula different?

Besides containing Chitooligosaccharides, AFC Japan’s Chitosan Trim is the only Chitosan formulaenhanced with ultra-concentrated vinegar powder that greatly increases its fat-binding ability. Vinegar powder aids in emulsifying the fats into liquid form for better absorption by Chitosan for removal. I am impressed to learn that AFC Chitosan Trim is actually several times more fat-absorbent than common Chitosan products in the market. AFC Chitosan Trim is readily absorbed and activated by stomach acid to bind to ingested dietary fats almost immediately upon ingestion. Within this short time frame, very little fat is absorbed from the food intake. It is recommended to take AFC Chitosan Trim30 minutes before meals for best results. AFC Chitosan Trim is a revolutionary advancement in effective weight control, suitable for both male and females.


  • Promotes weight reduction
  • Stimulates regular bowel movements
  • Promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora
  • May lower cholesterol and blood lipids levels to maintain healthy heart and blood pressure

Slimming Tips:

For weight loss purposes, Chitosan should be consumed prior to a meal, especially one that’s high in fats or oils. Swallow capsules with approximately 8 oz (250 ml) of water for best results. To maintain a lean silhouette while undergoing a slimming program, it is advisable to take 20 tablets of AFC King Chlorella before bed. This would further enhance removal of waste and toxins the next morning and greatly reduce any late-night cravings. Heavy meals just before bed time would not only affect sleep quality; excess calories would be immediately stored in body as fats. In order to enhance fat-buring, AFC Gold L-Carnitine or AFC Gold CoQ10 Slim+Beauty can be taken in conjunction with some exercise for best results.

Contents: 300mg x 270caplets

Daily Dose: 3-6 caplets daily

How to take:

• Take Chitosan Trim 30 minutes before meal with one glass of water.
• For weight loss purpose, you can take 3 caplets each before lunch and dinner especially for high fat meals such as fried, deep fried or other fatty foods.
• Please allow at least 2 hours gap between Chitosan Trim with fat soluble or oil-based health supplements such as Vitamin A,D, E and K, Coenzyme Q10 and fish oils.
• Please ensure sufficient water intake of at least 8 glasses daily to ensure maximum efficiency.
• Choose the dosage according to your meals, you can take up to 4 caplets before high fat meal such as deep fried foods or red meat.

Active Ingredients per 3 caplets:

Chitosan and Chitooligosaccharide 601.5mg
Vinegar Powder                                               18mg

NOTE: This product contains shellfish sources.

Live life to the fullest, eat what we love with AFC Chitosan Trim everyday and remain slim and trim just like me. CUT your Calories effortlessly 🙂

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3 thoughts on “AFC Chitosan Trim – Product Review

    • hi cass, no i did not experience any side effect. it is safe. i do not feel extremely hungry or bloated. i eat as per normal.

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