A date with Chocolate Research Facility – Exotic Series

A Relaxing day with a date with Chocolate Research Facility. Interesting to choose the Exotic Series – Tiramisu. What is so special of this Tiramisu chocolate? We have Irish Whisky as one of the ingredients! Make me “Drunk” into the Chocolate-y goodies…. 🙂 ohhhh yeaaaa

A perfect box for a little suprise gift … Drop it into her bag and i am sure it will put a smile to her face when she found it eventually…And often we associate chocolate as a symbol with love.

Also, to add on, Chocolates are good food pairing goodies with champagne, wine, coffee, cocktails, mocktails or even fruit juices. 🙂

I would like to recommand flavours like :

– Tiramisu (Really Yummy and Top Seller! Coz Leopard print packaging is really stylish!!!)

– Champagne

– Lychee Martini

– Strawberry Yoghurt

– Nutty Crystal

– Blueberry with Raisin (Top Seller!)

I am still trying out for more series and my current love will be the few above listed recommandation by me. Do drop me a comment and recommand nice other favours… or even to get it for me as a gift haaa i will definately love to try it with you~!

A Creative way to use the empty boxes – NameCard holder 🙂 in a Stylish Leopard Print Box!

Alrighty, having said so much, where can u find it , buy it, grab it for me or yourself or your special someone 🙂 ?

– #01-30 Millenia Walk
– #02-10 Wheelock Place
– B1-49 Raffles City

For more information and flavours :


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