[Valentine’s day Special] 10 Style Tips for singles

February is the month of love and ever wonder how come your collegues or any babes or your girl-friends are receiving soooo much attention, Flowers, Teddy? Is there something about her that is SPECIAL? And there goes… CRY~!!!!!!

Valentine’s day is over, fred not… There is still plenty chance for love if you love yourself FIRST. Let me share the top 10 Style Tips especially for singles out there.

1.  Start looking at yourself right from the TOP ! YES! THE HAIR! Style up your hair with Liese. [CLICK] I promised that it really gonna be easy and simple.

2. Don’t Forget Your Neck! SOTHYS Shaping Neck Care [ CLICK ]

3. Love More with “Love More” Beauty Mask. [ CLICK ]

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4. Care for the eye is very important. Introducing Elizabeth Arden Eye Prevage , READ MORE on my blog pos[ CLICK ]

5. Lush sexy eyes with I-Lashes Lashes [ CLICK ] price starting at only $1, you can share with them that you are recommanded by ginevi

6.  Use FreshKon Mosaic  Contact lens – Just One Look is all it takes… [ CLICK ]

7.  Transforming into ‘HIP-notizing Eyes’ with L’Oreal Paris HIP Collection. [ CLICK ]

8. Also, Remember do not overeat! How to eat GREAT Food yet wont exceed the kcal ? AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto [ CLICK ]

9. Give your skin a new lease of life! My choice is AFC Collagen Beauty , nice and beautiful skin is really important and you can read more here . [ CLICK ]

10. Last but not least, RECHARGE yourself with a  relaxing massage – Massage with Adonis [ CLICK ]

After you have Style up yourself and looking all refresh, Full of confident, charisma .

you will see the guy that didn’t see your X-factor earlier on….be crying now…

Haaa… Hope this Valentine’s day Special Teaser is putting a smile on you face for singles out there! Cheers and Have a SWEET day ahead !

When there is love, there is life. Don’t give up, before you know it, loves come knocking at your door… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

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