Nifty Lash – Add that sparkle to your beautiful eyes

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Eyes is the windows to the soul. Nifty Lash bring in a wide range of fake eyelashes that adds sparkle to your beautiful eyes.

They have a wide range of categories from

3D Nail Art Sticker, Eyelash Accessories, Upper lashes, Lower lashes , Eyelash glue and even freebies and promotion.

They have promotion , i.e. if you buy 3 boxes at a special prices.
Their service is excellent.  To share more on my favourite lashes which is easy to use and apply, will be Dolly Wink Inspired Series , yes the one i am holding in the picture. It is very suitable for asian girls and makes the eyes sparkle yet not chunky and heavy. Recommanded!

Also, if you are not sure which Model No. to choose from and like to have Mix And Match to try out for a start, you can!

Quick! Choose one model or a Mix & Match that fancy your eyes now!

Nifty Lash Dolly Wink Inspired Series looks so natural on my eyes.

Thanks Nifty Lash for making my eyes beautiful and i would love to recommand to my friends, fans and readers too. 🙂

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