Product Review AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto

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Slim down effortlessly with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto. Gourmet Italian meals in five tasty flavors, the low-calorie, nutrient-dense content will have you feeling fuller for longer.

How does Excess weight gain happens?

I have tried all 5 flavours…it is really interesting because all are Italian -Japan meal and that it is too tasty to be a meal replacement food. You can even get Collagen from eating it and also let me introduce more of the history of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto .

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto is an authentic Italian-style Japanese meal replacement, prepared by renowned Chef Nishiwaki Ichiro in Japan. Together with AFC Japan’s Nutrition and Dietetics Department, only the finest ingredients are used in the production of Chef’s Diet Risotto.

The 5 Italian-style Japan meal replacement are:

1. Tomato with Basil

If Tomato Pasta is your kinda food, u will love this. It is amazing tasty and the tomato with basil was well blended and complements each other… hmmm… i like it….what can i say…. FANTASTIC!

2. Curry StewMY FAVOURITE!

If you love Japanese Curry, you will love curry stew~! As u know i do not like too spicy food and the feeling of numbing my lips with spicy food is not something i love… so why do i like this curry stew? its like the MEAT, the CARROT, the orion and the taste of japanese curry. This is even better than you imagine… maybe you will lick up ever single bit from the bowl. I LOVE IT!

3. Assorted Cheese – UNIQUE

If you love Mozzarella pizza, you will love assorted cheeze flavour. cheezy …feel fat eating it? fear not…it is the type when it is juz nice not making you bloat but instead makes you look forward to had it to replace fattening Mozzarella pizza..AMAZING!

4. Mediterranean Seafood

It is filled with scallops and clams . I simply love the seafood tastiness and it taste like a clam chowder mixture , well well well… eat this everyday to replace my meal , my answer is SURE!!! Fantastic product !!! If you havent try it before , get one box to try all 5 flavours i am sure u will crave like me.

5. Cream of MushroomMy FAVOURITE!

Chockfull of mushrooms with light creamy sauce, it is creamy and rice was well-mixed and blended with mushroom taste… fantastic indeed. Craving for more even after finish it 🙂 loves the yummy taste of the mushroom.

WOW !!!! More Goodness~!

-1000mg micro-peptide collagen. Collagen restores skin firmness, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

-Fortifired with iron, for essential body functions and performance. Encourages stronger nails and healthy hair growth.

-High in Fibre to increase satiety and promotes bowel movement.

Check your BMI :

Cooking Instructions is really easy !

1. soak in hot water for 5minutes

2. Microwave , cut open content and transfer into the covered container bout 2 minutes

Anyone can do it! Also this is FOR BOTH MEN and LADIES! 🙂

So, how to slim down with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto?

As we know, dinner is the heaviest meal for most people, contributing as much as 40% of the total daily calories. Depending on which is the heaviest meal of the day, just replace it with a pack of AFC chef’s Diet Risotto. A piping hot meal that is easy to make, nutritious and yet can help me lose weight without having to skip my meals is a dream come true!

For More information and you can purchase online too…  🙂

5 Delicious Flavours at $36 only. While stock lasts! TRY them yourself !!!

Salute to the WONDERFUL Creation from AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto! Yummy and Delicious! I love it!!!

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