Product Review – AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto

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As you might have already known, AFC Recently launched their Chef’s Diet Risotto and it’s a box of 5 packs in different flavours:

–  Tomato with Basil

–  Assorted Cheese

–  Curry Stew

–  Cream of Mushroom

–  Mediterranean Seafood.

You can replace dinner (or your heaviest meal) with one pack, over the course of 5 days. This is a gourmet meal replacement created with Chef Nishiwaki Ichiro, the owner of the famous Italian restaurant Nino-Peperone in Japan. So you can really expect it to taste good!

Each pack contains less than 200 calories, but you will still feel full due to the high fibre content of Konjac, made from Japanese Konnyaku potato, which has a similar texture to rice, but with much lower calories. It also contains

–  1,000mg micro-peptide collagen ~*WOW!*

–  fortified with iron as well,

making it a low calorie, nutritious meal replacement that is skin loving and delicious at the same time.Imagine slimming down and becoming more beautiful at the same time!

Isnt this amazing to try? To prepare, juz reheat etiher soak in hot water or transfer to a container and use oven to reheat! So quick and easy to prepare, you can sit down to a warm dinner in less than 3 minutes!

I am gonna try this Mediterranean Seafood (Italian) -117Kcal. yummy yet keep slim and beautiful skin coz of the collagen. So excited!

If u are as excited as me, u can get yours by clicking here :

For more Details and Purchase online {CLICK HERE}

Ok before i go, leave u with the video!

Stay tuned for more reviews of each meal i have tried 🙂

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