Part 2: Collagen Beauty – Give your skin a NEW lease of life!

Hi Readers, as many of you are asking me on how i am keeping myself youthful and what is my secret behind. And i am very glad that not even ladies came to me but guys as well. This really shows that guys are opened to look good nowadays and i am very glad to share more beauty secrets here .

Also, i am very glad to hear that u have been trying out things that i recommand so far . Today i am going to recommend another health products that keeps you youthful and  looking good.

First of all, let us remember the theory of beauty, you can wear the most beautiful clothes but without much radiance on the face, your look is incomplete. When it comes to looking good, it’s not just about what you APPLY on your face, but also what you eat. Collagen supplements are the best short-cut to achieving that beautiful radiant appearance.

Earlier on i did a product review on AFC Vitamin B Complex andCollagen Beauty-Part one post. Vitamin B is an important vitamin in regulating energy production and metabolism, so I feel less stressed and more energetic! So here is my review on AFC COLLAGEN Beauty.

Interested in trying the products ? You can also find AFC products in Guardian, watsons, Nishino and NTUC Unity Pharmacies.

Here’s a little bit more on the product details :
For more information, you can click here AFC Collagen Beauty

Let me share a little bit more after 3 weeks of consuming Collagen Beauty

AFC Collagen Beauty are made from small absorbable peptides and it replenishes collagen and put the bounce and elasticity back into the skin.Collagen Beauty gives the body what it needs to build healthy and beautiful skin. This is important because collagen levels in our body start declining from our 20’s, and then your skin will start to show the signs of again like loss of elasticity, then saggy or wrinkled skin. Therefore besides external skincare, it is essential to supplement the skin with a quality collagen formula to minimize this from happening.

When it comes to aging gracefully, the earlier you start, the better.  Somemen might feel that applying toner, serum , moisturiser , eye gel, etc etc is troublesome or so many steps etc… but the end results are worth it. Andcollagen supplements are a good way to start.

Take a look on my skin looking throughout fair and smooth in the picture.My complexion is now smoother and more even. There is even a healthy pinkish glow!

And with friends of the same age :

still looking good even with party and with group of friends :

And the guy said… Tell me about it…”Wow! What’s the secret of beauty?”

My skin is so supple and bouncy, pinch my cheek and you can feel it. Just like this cute panda here!

Even with younger group, blending in :

p/s : A Little Tip here is to take it before you go to bed. 🙂  <completely hazzle-free and you dont have to even worry people asking you what pills are u popping. Each pill is so small, it is so easy to swallow.

QQ Bouncy radiance skin start with AFC Collagen Beauty! Great price in a big value 3-month pack for $43.30. What more can you ask for? 🙂


So what are you waiting for?

Find AFC products in all Nishino and NTUC Unity Pharmacies, selected Guardian and Watsons. While Stock lasts!


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