Bio-essence Superstar Bloggers Challenge – Stage 2

Thank You TheSampleStore and Bio-essence for the invitation to theΒ Bio-essence Superstar Bloggers Challenge – Stage 2.

A BIG BIG BIG Thank you to all my fans and friends for voting for me to go to the next stage. Please keep supporting me {Click Here} Voters Win a Prize too!!!

It has been a great chance to meet many other 29 bloggers i know too and meeting up with new ones. The event was held at a beautiful place at the top illuma… BOUNCE πŸ™‚ heard of it?

Our Theme dress code for Superstar Blogger’s Party : Dress Glamorous and unleash the superstar in me. Take a look on my dress that day.. it is a silver material from LoveBonito i am a big fan of it. Today at the event, i am wearing Β one of the recently collection i got. Do check out their collection every week. Very Limited pieces.

Simple, Silver Classy look, LoveBonito πŸ™‚

I do a quick photography and intro to get to know some bloggers …

check it out on your photos and me taking a look at my Favourite BB Cream. If you havent get it, pls go and buy it at Watsons or Johnlittle… i am sure there is some Pre-Lunar New Year Sales of 20% . 10 benefits in 1 cream! Awesome!!!! πŸ™‚

Learn more about Bio-essence’s BB Creams, how to apply it from my entry here {CLICK HERE} and presentation as shared by Bio-essence Team πŸ™‚ Check it out :

Bio-essence Shape V Face Series starred by Vivian Hsu, International Artiste.
Firm & Lift Skin, Shape V Face… VVV, Look Younger! Check out the Skin care Demonstration…

it is really amazing on my hand…instant brigtening.

A Quick Summary of the product from the presentation :
1. starting with deep exfoliating gel from Bio-essence, what i like about this product is that it removes dull and dry skin and if you have blackheads or whiteheads around nose area etc, there is no need to squeeze as it aids the removal of it , it is gentle and safe to use everyday too.

2. Use Radiant Youth Essence in an upwards movement , it is so fast adsorb into the skin.

3. Lastly , massage the Face lifting cream into the face, just three step, take measure again…isnt this amazing, i am sure u see the difference ?

And take a look at me trying out the product and sharing a little bit more information on how u can do it at home.

Start with measuring the face from the ear to the nose as seen in a straight line to avoid parallex error. **shall not share my measurement with you…if not you will pinch my chubby cheek** πŸ™‚

After that Use Deep Exfoliating Gel to exfoliate dead skin for better absorption of the Radiant Youth Essence and Face lifting cream to have the desire massage and have the VVV Shape face πŸ™‚

Yes so easy and simple…gentle to do this everyday…there is no ugly ducklings.. so be hardworking and shed off the double chin and chubby fats πŸ™‚ do it with me everyday ok?! πŸ™‚

Now i know why my mum has been a fan too for bio-essence! The effects is amazing for just one look!

Also, to share this interesting information and the establishment high standards of Bio-essence :

Do you know that:
Bio-essence is the NO.1 facial care brand in Singapore.
Bio-essence won the Best Asian Brand for 2 consecutive years in 2009 and 2010.


Promising Product that we all should try it! Another Nods again i saw πŸ™‚ !



This is the Moment!!!! For all Superstar Bloggers ! Fun Activity of the Day : Personalize my BB Cream

Check out the interesting work from our teacher :

Aloho Hawaii BB Cream!!!

Blissful Wedding BB Cream Series!!! So Sweet and lovely

Some presentation and to help us less nervous and be more excited and creative :

We are all “forking” for our materials….1st time seeing bloggers so serious? YES… we are really serious in what we do. πŸ™‚ but Fun Elements is never forgotten.. we will see them in the next few pictures!

So what are we “Forking” for? what are the materials? Take a look :

We had a lot of FUN and laughter especially on our team…because we really love enjoy dressing up and as a designer myself, of coz fashion dressing up is a FUN thing!

See…vivian and manli is talking and laughter… i trying to “piano” my BB Cream with my long fingers hahaha πŸ™‚

My Fun Team! And I am glad we have so much Chemistry together and so glad that you love the Fun i bring too that makes our table set so lively and Playful! Yeeeeeaaahhh Cheers!!! <hope to see u all again> ****hee hee sorry ar… ask u all make funny faces and i am trying to act serious hahahaha…. not easy leh… when i wanted to laugh out already πŸ™‚ ***

Ooops … i am so admiring the pretty BB Cream… so nice if they are at my dressing table… so pretty right?

And Cute and Sexy Belly dancer with the silver blinging belt around the waist line found a friend! <Vivian’s BB Cream>

My BB Cream is like a SUPERSTAR too… it has a personalised photoshoot . Check it out!

Kindly vote for meΒ Click here

Click here
i love every single piece…Isnt this so PRETTY?
Design by every single one of us below :

Signing off to my readers for the superstar blogging experience πŸ™‚ keeping my finger cross…looking forward to go to the next round, Many love to all of you who supported me so far πŸ™‚ Β *muack!*


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