I-lashes Lashes


TEDDY got this for me in my mailbox! FUSS-Free definately!

As we know our eyes play a big part when communicate and alluring eyes that talk is beautiful. You can wear the most beautiful dress but without a well-dressed face, you are gone isnt it? so why not try something for your eyes, practise makes perfect and it is achieveable . Like Taiwanese beauty show… makeup can make wonders to the eyes and boost your look.

Lets take a look of what i got from I-lashes Lashes and it is really inexpensive to have a total of all sort of design and limited edition pieces at whole sale price! Definately cheaper than those selling outside and totally love it for newbies like me to try all types of lashes i want for different looks and moods.

Gonna do a upper and lower lashes look. Gonna transform ….and starting without any false lashes on :

And i gonna choose this natural lower lashes

And choosing an upper lash, i think this is really cute to use and with fun and alluring lashes

So take a close look now for a done upper lower lash look. oh by the way , lash glue is for your preferences, i am using Duo eye lash adhesive, clear- white (waterproof)

Me all done, recommanding this beautiful lashes to you 🙂

Do check out and grab your limited edition lashes and wide selection of your choice at


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