AFC Vitamin B Complex

Hi Ginevi’s Readers,

Good NEWs here for Ladies and Gentlemen! Here’s AFC Vitamin B Complex for both Sexes! Lets me go into more details with you 🙂

I have been consuming AFC vitamins for some time. Usually i have my vitamin B from Milo and i find it troublesome when do not have the time in the morning rush to have a cup of milo. Thus, supplements from AFC Vitamin B Complex is my choice .

I particularly love this AFC Vitamin B Complex so much and have been taking it religiously because it keeps me awake and maintain my defense system . As you know, vitamin B is important for energy production and to maintain healthy function of Liver and nervous system. So, sometimes in events and party, we do drink and have we forgotten to take care of our liver?


Vitamin B complex helps to boost energy level, and improves brain function. It maintains metabolism for healthy skin too. So, why wait ? Why not get a packet and try it yourself.

Lets me go into details product functions :

for more informations and purchase online , pls go to  :

Or you can also find AFC products in John little, Guardian, watsons, Nishino and NTUC Unity Pharmacies.


– improves metabolism rate and break down of carbohydrate, fat and protein

– increases energy levels, prevents fatigue and balances stress

– maintains metabolism of proteins for healthy skin

– promotes better mood and promotes overall sense of well being

– complements a restricted or vegetarian diet with essential nutrients mostly found in meat sources

– must have supplement for those concerned about their weight

Daily does: 2 caplets daily, after meals. And i like this because it can be chew or swallowed with water.

Why wait?  Find AFC products in John little, Guardian, watsons, Nishino and NTUC Unity Pharmacies. While Stocks Last!!!

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