AFC Collagen Beauty – Give your skin a new lease of life!

I love travelling and my favourite asian countries are Japan . I love how the babes in these countries take care of their skin and esp. also that i can get AFC products there… Let me share more a little history of AFC products…

AFC is the leading brand of supplements and wellness products in Japan – The Leading Brand in Japan. Through the decades Since 1969, for more than 40 years,AFC has forged a reputation as the leader in Japan’s anti-aging science and nutritional research. With this uncompromising stance towards excellence in quality and efficacy, AFC strives to produce premium quality health supplements for all health and beauty concerns of man and woman, young and old.

This is the second year that COLLAGEN BEAUTY has won the NTUC Unity Popular Choice award and the Guardian Pharmacy Preferred Choice Awards. (Product info:Β ).Β It is a collagen supplement that is very popular because of its effectiveness and the small caplet size (easier to swallow plus easier absorption).

Unlike pure collagen products, Collagen Beauty is a mix of very small collagen molecules, mixed with Shark Cartilage and Vitamin C, for the body to maximize the full benefits. This matrix formula is what makes the product so effective in bringing about radiant, firmer skin!

I am REALLY glad to receive AFC Collagen Beauty this Christmas as Christmas party, festive season and looking good is vital and neccessary especially .

Do you wish to avoid the following problems ?
– wrinkled and sagging skin
– Enlarged pores
– Excess surface oilness and dehydrated skin underneath
– poor skin clarity
– makeup that becomes blotchy by mid day ?

For me YES and YES and YES… i would really look forward to try and make a change and give my skin a new lease of LIFE! Do stay tune for more updates as i had it and give a review of my skin after 2-3 weeks taking it πŸ™‚

Ever thought of how it looks to be old? I was really horrified looking at myself with this program… kinda remind me not to neglect looking after my skin…

And for those who want to check out the products details, you can find it here and get it online at a promotion price too!

Or you can also find AFC products in Guardian, watsons, Nishino and NTUC Unity Pharmacies.

Contents: 300mg x 270

Daily dose: 3-6 caplets daily before bedtime

Gonna have it now and go for my beauty sleep πŸ™‚ Good night and Merry Merry Christmas…once again…

Thank you Lifestream for giving a solution to fight against ageing πŸ™‚
Do check out more other products too and to my reader STAY tune for my next reviews . πŸ™‚

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