Tian Jin Restaurant

Tian Jin is a Chinese restaurant with a noteworthy chef that is good at real Szechuan Mandarin style dishes. It is been around for really many years and also for the kind of old school decoration in the chinese restaurant and also the traditional dishes that is never a let-down… let us catch a Glimpse of me having a good Yummylicious Time of eating…

Take a look :

Something happened when i am too excited with the noodles… i spilled off half the bowl after this take… and laughing about it.. and i guess less is more…sooooo soooo left the 2 small mouthful for me to eat with my tea… funny ….

This is called, Chinese PANCAKE –

This is called : cold dish herbal wine chicken soup… It is gonna make me drunk by a sip… haaaaa

This is called , Hungry TimSum Monster, with a blessed table of dishes… IT’s ALL MINE! hahahhaa

This is called Xiao Long Bao!!!!! YUMMY yummy yummy , its the traditional MUST-order dish at Tian Jin Restaurant… because it is not the oily sticky gluey ones , it is kinda addictive and small and neat , so it is so easy to have it mouth after mouth… we got a joke from daddy saying … he can mouth 5 Xiao Long Bao when he is like my age… i am really shocked to hear. but i guess it is how tasty it is .

As for more interesting dishes… do check out :
Tian Jin Restaurant at Bras Basah Complex Level Two beside the Escalator 🙂

Bring your Parents, Grandparents, Daddy , Mummy and Friends there!!! And YES, it is the MediaCorp Celebrity Huang Tian Chai , in the Advertisement on this Tian Jin Restaurant array of Foodie. 🙂  Have a GREAT Time!!!

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