The End of Char Kwey Tiao Book Reading Event

Many Thanks for the invitation , TimeOut
, to this Book Launch Reading
Event – The End of Char Kwey Tiao Book Reading Event and
Dr Leslie
for interesting sharing. It really
does draw me to the event very very much because CHAR
is my favourite local dish! The Event was
held at Littered with Books, 20 Duxton Hill This is a book i am really
interested in This stacks of TimeOut
Singapore Magazine caught my eye and the good news is , i am a
subscriber already! It is Really informative and i don’t mind at
all to pay for a magazine like that 🙂 Simply Awesome and
interesting stuff to read 🙂 There is really a huge crowd
and everyone is really early for it : i am glad at the book launch
Lets catch a glimpse of some
interesting refreshments… Wine + Bak Kwa? The Foodie pictures in this
book is really awesome… do check out the picture here , credit to
his book, juz showing one this is how good his phototaking is, does
that make u feel hungry?: Also to share this too, i was
so caught by him on this page …Something about Michael Jackson
together with Carrot Cake, teeee Heeeee 🙂 so interesting and
funny : Dr Leslie sharing his story :
Check out more Details :
Bak Kwa lovers pls take note : For
those who wish to order Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year, Kim Joo Guan
is offering a fast pass service where you can simply place your
orders and collect the Bak Kwa without having to queue.
Collection before 24 Jan is $45, and after is $48. You can
place you orders by calling 62255257. i am Getting 2KG here!
Because i really love it …and i don’t feel that piggy piggy smell
as i eat. so THUMB ups! Dr Leslie Book, in bronzy metallic look and
really good quality paper, do check out for the last few copies
left at litter with books, u will love it like i do : Also you can catch a glimpse
of more details of Dr Leslie Tay here


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