Invitation to BQ Bar Opening

Housed in an old shop-house dating back to the early 1920s, bq bar is modern and stylish in an unassuming way.

The warm lighting, exposed white-washed brick walls, and cool concrete flooring convey a refreshing open feel and make it an ideal place to unwind at the end of the day.

Known for having some of the best martinis in town, bq bar also offers refreshing specialty cocktails and party shots with conversation-starting names (try a Slippery nipple!).

At bq bar, the experienced team takes pride in recognising faces, anticipating the needs of guests and making them feel at home. Indeed a party at bq bar is akin to a friendly house party where everyone is comfortable, relaxed and having a great time!

Trying to collect some inspiration in taking the picture of the bottle and yet a nice shot before the start of everything … and got candid just like that… 🙂

For More information on BQ Bar , Check out their website.

bq bar
39 Boat Quay Singapore 049828
Tel: 6536 9722

Blogger spirit : Trying hard to get a good shot, arrangement of bottles etc…following up a pix of what i took

Taaaa daaaa…..

Opening hours:
11am – 1am (Mon & Tue)
11am – 3am (Wed to Fri)
5pm – 4am (Sat)
Closed on Sunday

Don’t forget to drop by for a drink or two 🙂 or EVEN MORE haaa why so SERIOUS hurhur 🙂

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