Dress Me Beauty Mask- Beauty starts from home

Dress Me – The Facial Mask Series, Let’s us take a look at the product details  :

Dress Me Mask uses the finest and purest quality substances extracted from selected plant concentrates, strengthens the specific skincare preparations, tailored specially for your delicate skin. Enjoys and benefit from the high quality skincare effect with rapid absorption, refreshing and moisturising feel without the greasy touch! Perfect your beauty first defense line with us – your daily skincare companion.
Dress up, doll up and be the limelight that makes one admire!

Directions :
Apply mask after your normal face wash routine .
Whitening & Brightening Mask

Lightly pat remaning essence on the face until fully absorbs. Leave for 15minutes , no rinsing required.

My Face feel bouncey

I REALLY love how it clear and moisturie my skin . my skin feels relax using it. The Whitening and Brightening Mask brightens my skin and boost my skin metabolism and reduce dark pigmentation spots . It improves my skin retention by juz one mask. My skin feel moisturised using it and fairer and more radiant.

Recomanding another mask

Revitalizing & Firming Mask – another favourite of mine…so Addicted to Dress Me Beauty Mask

I like the Grape Fruit Mask and the skin feel moisturised not , the essence in the mask is juz nice for the skin and i love the way it is easily absorbed to the skin by lightly pat in. My skin do not feel oily or sticky. And with some patting and massage i felt my skin is revitalised and with radiant. I can feel the elasticity of my face and  the firming effect on my skin. Loves it!

Moisturizing and Refreshing Mask – A mask for Everyday Vainity
This is a mask that is extremely suitable for people like me who has dry/normal skin . My skin always need to moisturize and feel fresh on using it. It is my everyday Vanity after this try. it provides moisturizing effect on my skin. As we know hydrating our skin is v important and for our skin to look nice and refreshing. i love my skin after using it and putting on makeup after it is nice and easier. When the skin is beautiful, we feel nice and confident .

Dress Me Beauty Mask- Beauty starts from home, this is my Beauty Secrets that i like to share with you!

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