Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream

Pretty Easy to use. I love to be pampered Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream , it give me aqua-refresing and moisture my face all day . It provide good coverage and I do not need another concealer or foundation over it. My skin looks naturally flawless using it. I love it.

Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream product information :
1. Deeply moisturises and nourishes skin
2. locks in moisture ; perfect for preventing dryness in air-conditioned or cold environment
3. Reveals a cool , natural and translucent makeup with a silky and dewy soft feel
4.Regulates oil secretion, keeps the skin oil-free the whole day
5. Evens the skin tone and helps to cover and prevent blemishes

Let me share some special ingredients found in Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream
Tanaka, a traditional skincare secret used by Myanmar women for more than 2000years, has excellent skin cooling, anti-blemish and oil control properties. Hyaluronic Acid can create a reservoir effet to fill the skin with water, keeping it hydrated . Together with ingredients such as Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence and other rich mineral and trace minerals, the Aqua BB cream has a unique aqua-refreshing formula that gives your skin a cool and natural finish while providing nonstop hydration for flawlessly clear skin.

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