Media Invitation to Grand Opening of Vgolf Sportbar

Congrats to them for the successful launch night, Thanks for the Media Invitation !

V-Golf Sports Bar is Singapore’s largest golf simulator facility with a space of 10,000 sq ft. It comes with 11 golf simulators, which includes 3 VIP rooms (accommodating up to 8 pax) and 1 VIP premium room (accommodating up to 16 pax). Their virtual games are using real golf balls and hitting into a 4m wide canvas screen and also includes a large sports bar area with pool tables and electronics darts system where you can relax after a game of golf.

V-Golf Sports Bar is the one & only Sports Bar in ASEAN to have a wholesome concept for their golf simulators integrated with multi-axis platform & 3-holes putting plate. As part of a joint development effort between V-Golf and the manufacturer, their golf simulators have been specially customized to provide a more realistic experience for customers. The simulator gives the player an accurate, realistic feedback on the technique and skills each time a golf ball is hit. Its ‘moving platform’ – the place where you stand and strike the ball – moves according to the course terrain to simulate actual contours. Another unique feature of these simulators is a patented three-holes putting system. Instead of putting into the screen, there is a real putting green with three holes – depending on distance – for players to putt into.
Following each swing, a full detailed golf swing analysis is captured and presented. This information is vital for those who are trying to identify their mistakes in order to correct their swing. Of course it reads those bad shots! How else do you improve? The golf swing analysis, coupled with the ball tracking technology, is exceptionally accurate that the golf simulator is becoming a serious practice option for professionals. You are even able to playback the swinging motion captured by 2 video cameras, from the front and side, and to compare with the swing of a professional player which will help to fine-tune your game.

V-Golf Sports Bar caters for all, whether you are a golfer or not. You can choose to play in world class golf courses, or to practice in the driving range. If not, one can play at the pool table or to compete in the electronic darts system. You can also view live sports games on cable TV or a big sports bar area to chill out with friends.

Yeah this is me 🙂

My Favourite Girlfriends and some part of me 🙂

Wondering what these two guys are checking out … haaa Gotcha 🙂

GRoup Biggest PHoto and we love the VIP Room 🙂

We Totally enjoyed ourselves and definately drop by again 🙂 Cheers…Toast for many years ahead

V-golf information and details to their V-Golf Sports Bar

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