Bio-essence BB Cream Superstar Blogger Challenge – 1st blog entry

It is a Pleasant Surprised to receive wonderful products and to Achieve Flawless Beautiful Skin is always something we want to stay young forever

Introducing the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream… Achieve Flawless Skin & Long Lasting Coverage.

Looking at the wonderful product, it Wows me with 8 in 1
-creates flawless, natural nude makeup with charm.

What is the 8 in 1 ? 8 Benefits in 1 ,
This is interesting and here’s the 8 Benefits:
1. Concealer
2. Sun Block
3. Skin Repair
4. Moisturiser
5. Nourishment
6. Oil Control
7. Skin Whitening
8. Reduces Wrinkles and Lines

Starting with a without makeup face

Squeeze Adequate amount and blend and warm it before applying on my face

Applying for the skin …

Huge pore, uneven skin like an orange , HELP help! Bio-essence BB Cream Saved my day! Pat the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream on me and see how it works its magic on my skin!

Some easy steps to use it

The Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream provides coverage so strong, even the pockmarks on an orange peel become perfectly concealed!!!

I have my pores wonderfully , magically covered up too

I love it when my skin do not feel oily nor too dry using it. Bio-essence Multi-Effect SPF 25 PA++ creates a velvety texture and it is very natural on my skin with a flawless finishing. It protects and nourish my skin from harmful UV rays , it makes my skin fairer , softer and refine. My skin have the moisturise bounce using it too. it doesnt feel tight even under cold aircon when air is dry. It has a lasting effect for the whole day and i hear good comments after a long day of work and this is what i heard ” Gin, you still look fresh though a long day” I would strongly recommand this product coz i am sure u will use it with a smile like me 🙂
Still having doubts or having brand conscious ? come closer and take a look at me for real. i believe the products on my skin speaks it all 🙂 OR get yours off the stores and try it on yourself. You will love it EVERYDAY.

I have also saw it in taiwanese magazine and great raves about it. check it out! Bio-essence Multi-Effect BB Cream is one of them . Check out the 6 BB cream 🙂

Wanna have beautiful size like Linda Chung?

My Magical Journey starts to join the Bio-essence BB cream Superstar Blogger Challenge and to win a Trip for 2 to Korea! I really wish i could … i need a Holiday to Recharge to be beautiful , to enjoy, to rest my mind , to taste the FUN in life and be HAPPY myself.

Coming up next more reviews…stay tune and have a Sweet day 🙂

Off to Catch some Christmas gift for my friends and a Bio-essence my Choice!Check out at Watsons, Guardian and John little 🙂

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