Join me at CozyCot’s 9th Birthday Bash!!

Cozycot Turns 9-A Beauty and Fashion Celebration for every Woman

It has been a fruitful 9 yrs and as a cozycozy member , it really been company me boring days and forum topic and people i know from cozycot is so awesome. It is really part of my life and i love it alot.

It is my honor to attend the Birthday bash and be in the celebration. Every year i see cozycot grew stronger from a simple celebration to bigger and more media coverage, and cozycot has really come so far and wishing many years ahead . 🙂

This is the Resident artist for TAB, very cool and good musician

This year it is so nice at Orchard Hotel, i remember last year was at expo. this year i am also glad once again to be their ALLY VIP Blogger 🙂 as friends of Cozycot.

More details are here:
(for more pictures and pictures of event are to credit to

At the Very 1st counter : Choya Choya!

Me at Sony Erisson Counter:

At the  Freshkon counter :

Hair products for us too , limited editions :

MTM booth  :

DJ at the console :

This is a princessy counter booth with beautiful model

Makeup Demo by Lina Tock from Lancome :

Following up, the birthday bash with media artist performance :

Me and Emily (Thanks Emily for the photo and nice company with u 🙂 )

Once again, Happy Birthday CozyCot and Many GREAT years Ahead! 🙂

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