Grand Opening of Verita Advanced Wellness

Private preview of Verita Advanced Wellness, Singapore largest integrated wellness centre. Pretty Classy place that is definately a perfect choice!

The host of the Grand Opening of Verita Advanced Wellness and we have :  Chris and Wong Li Lin

The Salt Cave : Amazingly White! The Great discovery in Singapore, SALT CAVE

Me and My Bestie

Check out Verita Advanced Wellness

Passport to Health

Explore, Discover, Understand Optimal Health, and Win!

Experience Singapore’s first integrated advanced wellness centre with a collection of traditional and cutting edge assessments, treatments and facilities under one roof together with some of the best practitioners the world over.

Free visits to Singapore’s first Salt Caves;

Free advanced 3D body scans;
Free pH Testings;
Free Ion Therapy Treatments;
Free Neck and Shoulder massage sessions;
Neurofeedback Demo;
Flotation Therapy Demo;
Personalised Aromatherapy Blends
Special offer prices for treatment and classes;
Special offers on wellness products, previously not available in Singapore!
Locate Verita Advanced Wellness at
308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, Singapore 247947 (opp. Brunei High Comm.)

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