Ginvera PR Kit – Discover Nature’s Beauty Gift

I am Glad to receive my Ginvera PR Kit and the 2 sponsored products are namely,
1. Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel
2. Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away

Dead skin is the main culprit of all skin problems. Removing the dead skin is the first step towards beauty!

Our skin produces new skin cells to replace aging & dead skin cells everyday. if they are not removed on a daily basis, they will build up on the surface of the skin and lead to clogged pores, resulting in all kinds of skin problems.

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening MARVEL GEL reaches deep ino the cornified layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells that clog pores, cause and support blackheads, thus eliminating and preventing formation of blackheads which can lead to pimples, it also improve the absorption of skincare products and regulates oil secretion to prevent pimples.

The removal of dead skin will stimulate the growth of new cells , thus unveiling the natural fairness and radiance of the skin within.

The Result: Smoother, finer and fairer skin that glows with radiance!!!

How to use this Wonderful Product you may ask 🙂 ? Ok here i will explain :
* IMPORTANT * use on dry hand dry face
1. squeeze a sufficient amount and dot on forehead, cheek, chin, nose and neck.
2. massage bout one minute
3. rinse of with water

Next i am trying the Jade Dark Eye Circle Roll Away. As my friends know, i am really a late night sleeper, coz i have tonnes of work to do and blogging and writing., This is really an unique BEST friend of mine now!

– Brightens eye contours
-Smoothens skin and minimizes fine lines
-reduces eye bags
-allows easy makeup application and lets eye makeup last longer!

Unique with Jade Roller and blended with Bio Energy ingredients such as Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Rice Fermentation Essence, water soluble Olive Oil, Ginseng , various whitening herb extracts , Pomelo and Royal Jelly (i love it!) , Jade Dark eye circles roll away helps to roll away dark eye circles and brightens the eye contours effectively. Compared to other materials , Jade is an exceptional massaging medium as it contains trace minerals that benefit the human body. Through massaging with Jade Ball, energy will be emitted and penetrated into the skin to nourish it . See initial , visible results soon after rolling.

Wanna TRY them?

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Let me tell you more..Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel

一步骤 零黑头 Zero Blackheads in 1 Step

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Thanks to thesamplestore and GINVERA for the sponsorship .

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Get them at all leading Watsons, Guardian, NTUC fairprice


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