Don’t Forget Your Neck! SOTHYS Shaping Neck Care


Face has always been the main concern for everyone and very often, neck area has been neglected. In fact, neck is the extension of face and the first telling signs of ageing can be found by looking at the neck. It is essential to maintain basic beauty regime for the neck.

Since the neck is easily forgotten during the moisturizing routine, it results in ugly, sagging skin that forms quickly with the lack of proper care and attention.

>>>Tell me about it! It isn’t PERFECT when u know our neck tells our age! Heard of it?
* psss… however advisable not to stop and stare at the Neckssss around you, ah haaa… only Vampire do that! * haaa 😛

>>Why do i LOVE SOTHYS Shaping Neck Care? My PERFECT Choice!
I love  the texture, very soft and smooth and easily absorbed into the skin. Have a natural plant extract soft natural scent and skin feel soft supple and moisturized. It is not oily around the neck and it is not sticky. perfect to use it with EASE.

Caring for your neck at the tip of your fingers , Easy Breezy!

Sothys specially researched and developed Sothys Shaping Neck Care to fight gravity and manage cutaneous looseness and sagging. Formulated with Mamaku Extract, Watercress and Biomimetic peptides remodel the neck contour, and refine and re-sculpt the lower part of the face, neck and decolletage.

Active Ingredients :

Mamaka Extract :
Powerful repairing active help strengthens skin density and improves skin firmness.

Bigarade Extract:
Remodel the contour, refine and re-sculpt the lower part of the face and neck

Application Method:

1. On the chin, apply from left to right.

2. On the neck, apply from top to bottom
Position 1 : keep your neck straight & place your thumbs under the chin

3. Press lightly to the top with your thumbs while you try to open the mouth. Repeat for 5 times.

4. Keep the mouth open while you press the top. Repeat for 5 times.

Positon 2 : keep your back straight, shoulders down & bend your head backward

5. Clench your teeth while contracting your chin & neck. Repeat for 5 times.

Positon 2 : keep your back straight, shoulders down

6. Put your tongue on the palate while contracting your chin & neck muscle for 6 seconds. Repeat for 5times.

7. Bend your head backward & forward. From Left to Right. Repeat for 5 times

Let me share some History of SOTHYS… A Brand that you might wonder and interested to know more…Yes we are BRAND-Conscious. Thus, SOTHYS definately wont let you down!~ Read about it :

Sothys is a professional skincare line from France. Our expertise is in skincare treatments. We advocate the synergistic use of serums with their respective home care ranges to preserve and maintain treatment results. Founded in Paris in 1946 by a medical biologist, Dr. Hotz, who dedicated himself to healing the severe conditions of burn victims in aftermath of World War II , SOTHYS has pursued its passion for TOTAL beauty and skincare solutions for over half a century.

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Proven Efficiency : 54%

Price Reasonably well :  $129 (30ml) < one tube enough u to last at least 15mths before it expires once open.

Sincerely recommand to all my Readers here! SOTHYS Shaping Neck Care is available at all SOTHYS contract salons and the more information on the website.  Visit Sothys Singapore Pte Ltd at

Don’t Forget Your Neck! I am off for my beauty skincare Regime 🙂
Stay YOUNG and PRETTY forever!

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