Resort Spa @ Festive Hotel Resort World Sentosa

Paved into the red grand carpety atmospheric place of Festive Hotel , along the way to Resort Spa, yields a Mediterranean spa nestled in a world class resort, dedicated to bringing you the quintessence of well-being through ethereal treatments inspired by an exquisite range of Mediterranean-Eco Friendly products.

Let me share more on my total indulgence experience with Resort Spa till you wont want it to Stop. I was Loving the place , and greeted with very nice michelle with a nice place and a nice warm ginger tea, I feel TOTALLY at EASE even before the TREATMENT.

Alrighty, now on my way to the experience my VIP COUPLE ROOM Mediterranean Spa Massge…Weeeeee

**but it is juz me and the masseuse, shirley :) ** 

Let me show u a Tour of the Room and how beautiful and i guess Couples out that …PLEASE show a little LOVE and bring your sweet love there and this is even BETTER than presents! ALSO, SURE is a SURPRISE when you tell her ” i bringing you out and not telling her WHERE and Taaa Daaa….<<I am SURE this RANDOM-ness will make her REMEMBER you! >>

AND WHATS MORE? it is something that two of you spend together, and it is really private and there is a JACCUZI, steambath room together and Massage together. The Massage And Service Staff will not be in the room and disturb your romantic journey too…Awwwww…. Aint this SWEET and ROMANTIC?

So when is the last time you show your little LOVE to your SweetHEART? ❤ hmm hur hur hur… this is Really a place of total INDULGENCE !!!

LEt me now …into the Steambath… woo …me all ready… it is so convenient unlike other spa places,  i do not even have to run here and there after i am changed, this is a place EXCLUSIVELY YOURS and everything under one roof.

After my steambath, will be doing my Caviar Body Polish and Massage…showing the Caviar on the Body… Really the pure one that you get it at JAPANESE restuarant! My skin feels sooo smooth after that, i must say no SCRUB from off the drugstore gave me such feeling!

Caviar Scrub
Anti aging-A rich souffle exfoliating scrub that uses two potent anti aging ingredients, grape seed oil and caviar to buff away the dead skin cells and fine lines are plumped to reveal youthful looking skin.

Here’s the two item we use in the process  :

And this is the Candle Massage Therapheutic wax , gonna be warm on my body… I am like ” ERM… ” and was skeptical that it will burn my smooth soft skin , thus, shirley was really patient and let my fingers try it 1st …aww i am such a baby right?

Warm Deluxe Argan Massage
Submerge and tranquilize in our Marine Therapy with essential oils and Babacu plant extracts. Thereafter, embrace the satin experience with our recherché selection of Essence of the Mediterranean oil. The candle fills the room with a soothing scent and moisturising goodness such as Lavender, Mandarin, sweet almond, Rosemary, Sunflower oil, Sal Butters and Palm Wax are being massaged into the body leaving a lingering silky feel on your skin while  restoring the vital elements the body lacks.

So what exactly is this package called?

This is the Mediterranean Xmas Package! 



Total Treatment 120mins,

*Detox Steam
* Caviar Scrub
* Warm
Mediterranean Massage

This is really something to try and i want to go back AGAIN! Seriously if u ask me are they HARD-SELLING or not and so on..etc etc… i MUST be REAL HONEST and my reply on this is NO, no no and NO ! it is such a WONDERFUL experience, stress free! RELAX~ Live LIFE so BEAUTIFULLY SWEET~! I Felt that they are more concern on Customer service and professionalism rather than to sell and sell. Try it yourself and i believe u will love it as much as i do!

Christmas is Round the Corner and We love to be giving…Definately a brand new Christmas gift to you… Aint we so used to receive gift an opening from a presents?  why not something so BRAND-NEW :

We will be giving 2 treatment package to your readers.  Each Package worth $376 each with entrance to sentosa waived off.

Pls get them to email their particulars with NRIC, contact number, name to

Subject heading : Gin loves Resort spa Mediterranean Xmas Promo
Readers of Gin get to enjoy the treatment at $188, with complimentary entrance to sentosa, detox steam and mediterranean spa refreshment

Just code Mediterranean Xmas when making appointment
Resort Spa located at Festive Hotel Level 3 Resort World Sentosa

Tel : 6884 9303

Picture credit to resort spa


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