BMW World : Like Never Before

Car enthusiast or not, everyone is in for a superb treat at BMW World – Asia’s Largest BMW innovation, design and heritage.

Preview the 2011 BMW Lifestyle Collection . Live here in my blog.

A Fascinating look into the future : the BMW GINA Light Visionary Concept, a car completely clad in a flexible fabric skin, that changes its shape at the press of a button..

Ohhhh ohhh gina…Oh Gina…oh oh baby … πŸ™‚

Can Cars be a Tailor-made Suit? Isn’t it Cool?

Haaa… so as much as BMW Gina is comparable toΒ Lamborgini Revonton and Audi R8 , which one will u love ? hmm.. my take, its a secret for now πŸ™‚

Roaring Down the Cool Blue Scene… We got these HERITAGE …RED…is the Color..Strike it ALL in a Row

Can a 54year old car still be a DESIGN of bench mark of today?

BMW 507Β  – Still the Beloved by Fans?

Ever seen a car so beloved by fans? That out of 252 produced between 1956 and 1959, 202 still remain today? Such is the unmistakable appeal of the beautiful BMW 507, a milestone model that still influences the styling of contemporary roadster today…

oh baby…so niceeeeeeee

BMW Z Series

Can a (s)Zingle letter transform Automoble?

THE BMW Z Series stands for Zukunft, meaning the future in GERMAN.

BMW Z series not only launched a whole new concept with its revolutionary bodyworks design but it also made history as an exceptional supercar on the road.

Get up close and personal with a car that innovated history


We are brought up to love Cars, how can u resist it?

Having a Ride since young starting from without having a license… dun we love it to be here, there and everywhere?

Even hop in for a motorcycle ride…

My Favourite and Loving it so much… goes to this classic, Agreeable?

Check it out at :

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