Work Hard . Play Harder with NaughtyG

Work Hard . Play Harder with NaughtyG

The Letter G , G is for GIN, Yes that’s a drink and that’s my name GIN

We work so hard and Life is so Hectic, isnt it. We can now easily check email and blog on our mobile, always on the go with everything…

Sometimes we really fall asleep when we are still working from home …

Definately we need a little BOOST of energy and my choice is NAUGHTY G

So here is two types i have tried and wanna recommand and share with all my readers here! I know all of u need a boost like me too!

In the can it mention : supplement drink for him and her. So it is for everyone 🙂

It is nice and tasty though it say sugar free but lightly carbonated and abit sour and sweet with a light green tea taste. hmmm… NICE and naughty! it is best drink it when it is chill , a slurp down was really cool and refreshing!!!

Next : ORIGNINAL,  The packaging really makes the look mysterious yet giving u like a pop out NAUGHTY G word. Hmm… YUMMY! The Tasty is fantastic , nice and refreshing. An Energy drink that taste much more UNIQUE than the usual ones u get!!! I LIKE IT! 🙂

Last but not Least : Gin advice to you :
Work HARD , play HARDER but DON’T OVERWORK !!!

More Information for you to impress you : NAUGHTY G

Energy, Stamina & Performance Supplement Drink for him & her + 7 Active Ingredients:

1. ENERGY – Caffeine & Taurine

2. STAMINA – Korean Ginseng

3. PERFORMANCE – Horny Goat Weed

4. MEMORY- Ginkgo Biloba

5. RECOVERY- Tribulus Terrestris

6. IMMUNITY – “miracle molecule L-Arginine

Work Hard . Play Harder with NaughtyG
Try your SLURP today! You may also leave a comment and share your drinking experience!

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