BEauty COsmetics

Have you heard of BEBECO?

BEBECO “BEtter BEauty COsmetic” belief is to create a cosmetic product that make beauty routine simple and easy, and to address the needs of today’s modern and busy women’s desire to look more beautiful.

  • Natural: Ingredients used in our products are extracted from pure and natural raw materials which enhance better skin absorption.
  • Simple: Simplicity of use of products is the key to the way of life for the ever increasing activities of a busy person in this society.
  • Functional: Address the needs of all skin types.

It is their Anniversary !!! Here’s are some HOT PICKS and products i got from BEBECO and total love it.

Koreans have really nice and fair skin like snow white, it is not they are born with it, it is simply the product they use and i totally love this range!

Alfredo Bebeco Hydro Whitening Skin Care is especially developed for skin whitening. With 12 types of herbal extracts, this product penetrates easily into the skin, softens the skin, supplies sufficient moisture and helps to keep skin optimally moisturized while increase skin resistant to radiation, and hence, whiten the skin.



ALFREDO BEBECO HYDRO WHITENING CREAM is extremely good skin conditioning agent that slows the loss of water from the skin. Ginkgo biloba extract, wild soybean seeds and other effective antioxidant further promote skin metabolism, repair the appearance of fine lines caused by loose skin , effectively tighten the skin and thereby delay sign of aging . Betaine, an excellent moisturizing additive.

HYDRO BRIGHTENING FOAM CLEANSER – a Very moisturising cleanser

ALFREDO BEBECO HYDRO BRIGHTENING FOAM CLEANSER is a low foam cleanser which effective removal of skin dirt and grease from the face.  Caprica papaya fruit extract effectively removes dead skin and specifically damaged skin. The skin clean and refresh.


HYDRO WHITENING SKIN – Excellent Skin Toner~!

ALFREDO BEBECO HYDRO WHITENING SKIN contains a variety of herbs and natural plant extracts which penetrates easily into the skin, softens the skin, supplies sufficient moisture and nutrients and helps to retain moisture.

Pat Pat Pat in the moisture, improving our skin texture

It helps to increase blood circulation, boost collagen formation and hence, helps to rejuvenate the skin. Also, delay skin aging, prevent dry skin dehydration, enhance skin elasticity, prevent and reduce fine lines , inhibit melanin formation, and promote white skin.


The WHITENING range is really awesome range that i totally love it , impress by the magic it do to my skin!

Next, My Favourite product before i go to sleep!


This is A Promising Product i really love to use it before i sleep. I love the texture of it and it is not biting when u use on the skin. My skin feels so relax and ZERO-STRESS using it and i love it when i wake up my skin looks SMOOTH and rejurvanate with moisture.


My Favorite Recommandation : Wrinkle Super Action Eye Cream

This is a rich texture eye cream that i love the concentration that is easily absorb to my skin . It gives the skin a wrinkle free texture and smooth our tired eyes due to late night and lack of sleep.


Their sunblock have a plant extract scent. Despite of its high SPF value, it softly applies to the skin and doesnt feel oily. It is a smart product caring, moisturising and provide protection and nourishment for our skin with vegetable ingredients! PERFECT SUNSCREEN! I Highly recommand it !!!


Whitening Triple Skin Essence – smell so nice,
Guys out there, Gin says ” You should use it!”

Men Triple Skin Essence is a 3-in-1 skin care product especially developed for men. It combines skin, emulsion and essence in a single product which provides excellent whitening effect and brightens dull or imperfect skin. It supplies nutrients and uplifts rough and dry skin due to environment stimulus and stress, making it soft, smooth and tight.

Containing Arbutin, a bearberry extracts, this product inhibits the activity of Tyrosinases thereby inhibiting formation of melanin, the main cause for skin pigmentation. As such, it alleviates the cause of pigmentation and hence, removes imperfection from the skin surface, making the skin translucent and white.

Containing Double Snow No 12 – A special natural concentration made from 12 Types of Plant Extract that is capable of inhibiting up to 80% of Tyrosainase activity. It can also prevent skin aging caused by Free radical.

How To Use

Every morning and night, spread evenly over the face after washing and gently pat for better absorption.



This is my Favourite Range, Every single one! I Really Love MASK PACK , using mask is as good as going for a facial, just that it is a DIY thing u can do.


Suitable for all skin types when used twice or three times a week to sustain clean and clear skin. Especially effective for dry and dehydrated skin.
Vitamin scrub is melted into skin when you massage with this product, to provide moisture nutrition to your skin, making it soft and supple.


Suitable for all skin types, especially for skin damaged by foreign stimulus and dry and atopy skin. Petals of Marigold flower to keep your skin soft and moist. It gently melts into your skin during massage.


Suitable for all skin types, including dehydrated, dry, oily and troubled skin.
Petals of Jasmine nurtures your skin soft and melts into your skin when you massage it.

As a wash-off type pack, it sustains the optimal function of your skin by controlling proper secretion of sebaceous. It also smoothens your rough skin rapidly.


Especially effective when used once a week for dry skin and more than once a week for oily skin.  My skin feel clear and clean after using , also smooth and soft and supple.

Especially effective for dry and sensitive skin. It contain Rose petals that will melt as u massage into the skin.

Their HOT Seller RANGE : Q10 Series always sold out, am unable to get it to try but definately something in my watchlist!

My Journey of Beautiful Skin With , I am a Happy Girl with BEBECO! So, Choose the Range that suits you!

Check out their huge range of product here and
get them now before they are sold out!

Easy Breezy, get your favourite product online and get it right at your doorstep. simple, and fuss-free, perfect for busy modern age gal.

Also Join their Facebook for their latest package promotion set!!!


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