Style up your Hair with Liese

Say it “Lee-zay” and Style up your Hair with Liese

As you know,  the old saying always works when they say , there is no ugly lady but only lazy ones. Thus, it is really time to work on yourself and lets start from our head 1st.

I promised that it really gonna be easy and simple. All u need is just two Awesome products to play with

1. Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail and
2. Liese Wave-Up Foam

It gonna be just 2 easy steps to stay young and pretty always!

Learn the EASY hairstyles with Gin with Liese!
Step 1 : Doing the Office girl Look / Good girl daily look

having Mess up hair , really need to look neat ?
Treat your hair with : Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail

Using Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail – Get your Cool and Neat Office Lady look 🙂 comb down your hair . YES , SIMPLE AS THAT, SPRAY AND gently comb it down.

Liese smooth hair cocktail smoothens out tangles instantly and hydrates the hair inside out and whats more? it really makes you smell so sweet . hmmm… NICE!!! Loves it.

Pss, don’t forget to shake it before use !

All Ready for Meeting, Smile, Easy breezy to close a deal with smooth looking hair and a nice smile

step 2: for a more fun and , Romantic , Wave up look for party and night out 🙂

I am a Happy girl with liese Wave-up Foam~

Squeeze out the Foam …smell sooo NICE!!! Foam feels so light

Turn your head facing your mirror so u can DIY better …apply foam on the hair

Hold and CRUNCH your hair …CRUNCH .. CRUNCH >>> CRUNCH…to get your desirable curl.

Taaa…Daaaa… All done, with  a side perm look. clip with a sweet flower and all ready for a Romantic date!

Do vote for me :  This is the Before and After look :

Style up your Hair with Liese
In short to summarise my love for Liese and how i do it the Liese way :
Liese smooth hair cocktail smooth my hair as i comb it smoothen the tangles instantly and even when i run it through my fingers, i feel my hair is smooth and it is non oily and sticky and it hydrates my hair making it look fresh.

Liese Wave Up foam perfectly foam natural curls that makes it wavy and sweet with the Bohemia look without looking over perm and  sweet scent boost the feminine wavy look , all set and long lasting natural curl that last the whole night. Definately something you should try !!!

Getting all the HYPE and wanna STYLE up with Liese? EASY !

Liese can be purchased at all Watsons, Gurdians and other selected supermarkets!

And Check out their huge range of product here :

and For Wave-Up Foam :

Check out their Facebook Page for more information!

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