Blogger’s MEGAMIND (3D) Gala Premiere

Special Thanks to for the wonderful movie experience! It is really GREAT fun and costume party is really EXCITING.

My outfit for the event is as Roxanna, the news Reporter. i really try to follow as close as i can from head (bun up my long long hair) to toe even on my shoes. Great Thoughts was put into Sudden Random-ness in making the mike and making it stand out.

Thanks to everyone who likes it too. 🙂

We have lots of fun in the photo taking session before the movie start, we love all the flash of lights and smile and totally into the world of MegaMind, a superhero with a mind of its own.

Gonna post a series of photo and great to meet all the omy bloggers 🙂 you guys and gals are totally awesome!

Roxanne reporting live with Mega Mind 🙂 MegaMind striking his post of his super cool invention 🙂

Reporting…MegaMind looking at the young boy dig nose…lol so unglam right ? hahahaa Gotcha! 🙂

Reporting with W-Warrior

reporting live with MegaMind on his christmas present with Santa claus 🙂 hahaha

MegaMind fans screaming for him and he waves…

Reporting with the powerpuff girls and they are sooo cute!

Look! who we got? Aint i a cool Reporter like Roxanne 🙂 heehee

Group photo with them 🙂

Reporting with super girl…so where is super man?

reporting with SUPER Mario…and she came with her partner…

Reporter Roxanne and Reporter Janet from OMY 🙂 thus, i got caught too and being intereview 🙂

Guess who is this mega mind? hahaha

cute, we look like wearing sunglasses in the dark dark theatre,  hahaha

Alrighty, it gonna be a long weekend this week and the best thing to do is to go catch a movie! Choosing MegaMind is definately not a Regret because it is not a movie where it is always good over evil but a TWIST and TURN here and there.

pss, i shant share too much bout the movie to keep u excited for more … Go Catch it

MegaMind gonna blow your mind !!! Catch the Trailer here :

MEGAMIND , He is BAD, He is Blue, He is Brilliant!

signing off with my awesome mask and ticket… Good night!

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