Step into a World of Indifferent Fashion-Love kills slowly…

Love kills slowly… Ed Hardy Fashion Unlimited…Geisha and devil

It is the time of the year where no one is afraid to be DIFFERENT!

Call them FASHION DESIGNERS? Makeup Talents?

This is Simply a Day Where CREATIVITY overflows!

Have fun with all the Photos , gonna be pictures, pictures and more pictures 🙂 HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone that met me there!!!
We are simply like the reporters of the halloween event coz running around to take photos!

THANKS VIONA for ALL THE PHOTOS And FUN-FILLED And THANKS TO All my Gfs ,friends and everyone, LOVE YOU all !!!

Really impression by the makeup skill and diamonds on Julyen’s makeup!

Is he a borat but in red suit?

The MAD HATTER couple 🙂 so SWEET!!!

This is Really Awesome i find, i RAN real fast off after taking a pix of him! 😛 it gives me the tingle shivers :

Alrighty, Really Impressed by EVERYONE i Saw, and really cant put it all in the blog here, nice meeting u “Creepy, Bloody Peeps” and keep in touch or add me in my facebook!

Ginwong <–Click

Signing off , happy Halloween!!! MeoooOOOoow !!!

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