Hope Girl Cosmetics Private Launch-Why you Love Hope Girl?

I Would rather misbehave with Hope Girl Cosmetics, there is so many wild leopard prints design and plenty of colors to play with. 🙂

Hope Girl Cosmetics Launch together with bloggers and non bloggers on the Halloween day 30.10.2010…At ALT Heeren Lvl 3

I Gona Try every HOPE GIRL product they have starting with my bare face

It gonna be fun coz we are doing our blogging and makeup in stores and it is really something when it drew crowd and looking at the makeup on the shelf and it is real cool that we are Doing this for HOPE Girl Cosmetics! And i didnt realise that a friend of mine was there looking too. haa… 🙂

After makeup Look… A transformation to a wild night out party look, coz i wanna theme it with the leopard prints casing from Hope Girl Cosmetics!

Wondering what did i use? Here’s the wide range of products from HOPE Girl :

So Beautiful together 🙂 Hope Girl Cosmetics, i really hope i can have it all!!! so wild and pretty!

First step to use will be this! BB Cream as base

And Smooth Compact to set and fix the face, feels like baby powder texture…i love it coz it is sooo SMOOTH!

Eye liners for the eyes!!! so pretty in classic black

These are the colors i choose, shimmering white and dark green, really a nice and unique shade that you cant find it esle brands yet.

Lovely aint there 🙂 so pretty these colors 🙂 and nice pigment when picking them up at ease and so easy to blend to achieve the makeup look i want.

Lovely blushers and face powder to highlight the face and to glow up the face with radiant, so nice and natural on the cheek…dun pink my rosy cheek heehee

And LEts do the LIPS, We are PRETTIEST when we have lovely lips, i know guy will definately be nodding hahaha 🙂 Lovely kissable lips right? So nice to have this leopard print lipstick…and the coolest thing, the slant edge makes it all well for edgey corners and for “newbie” who didnt like lipstick to apply so gracefully. I loves it because it do not dry my lips and it glides smoothly, i say, IT’s AMAZING!

Tick tock, click tick, tick tick….. so fun and cool playing with this lip gloss that can on with a click and u got the glowing lip and there is a mirror too!!! everything is in your hands, so AWESOME, Unique , something i didnt see eslewhere except HOPE Girl Comestics, Highly recommanded. i gonna get this!

Alrightly, lntroducing the mascara and the star product which  i love it.

Undereye remover that remover makeup smudges and also moisturise our undereye making it nice and tired-free look. Totally love it !

I really love it all that is gold and leopard prints. Really like holding a fashion piece, so cool and Awesome! 100 % unique, Recommanded to get it 🙂

I Would rather misbehave HOPE Girl cosmetics, Head down to ALT Heeren Level 3 and try them yourself. Check out the Awesome product there!

Taa—Daaa… All Done a Before And After Makeup Look, So why do i love Hope Girl Cosmetics? It simply transform me and enhance all my best feature 🙂 It is my everyday best friend..

Signing off with the lovely balloon. All Ready girls for a fun time 🙂 AND hihi my girls , nice catching up a bit at Heeren.

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