Transforming into ‘HiP-notizing Eyes’ With L’Oreal Paris HIP collections!

Dare to Have Fun, Dare to Be HIP. I work hard, PLAY hard and Makeup and Colors are always my passion of having fun with beautiful mix.

Hmm… how can i do with a plain face like this with no deep eye socket and sweet gentle look?

I love playing identity and love making up to mix my outfit from head to face and to the clothes i choose.

See I can do a wild cat look too

Before sharing my makeup tips here, i gonna make it real simple in 5 pointers :

1. Understand your face,

2. Choose the color combination

3. It’s all about blending

4. Not forgetting to do up your hair cause it is part of your face together with the makeup.

5. Choose an outfit to go with it

Transforming into ‘HiP-notizing Eyes’

1. Select a black little dress, coz u cant go wrong when u play with color mix.

2. Set your face with L’Oreal Paris, base Magique Perfecting Primer, it smooths the skin and make it look perfect and minimize the look of pores and fine lines.

Lightly dust with loose powder to set the base look. Define your Brows

Now Ready to play the HIP Colors

3. use your brushes to apply 1/2 of your eyes with gold in HIP FLAMBOYANT and 1/2 of your eyes with HIP showy

4. Use HIP Platinum to define the eye socket creating a deep eye-set look, POP 3D look. Apply the eye shadow along the hallows of the eyes (Purple-HIP FLAMBOYANT  create shadows giving an illusion of a larger eyes

Be sure to blend it well into the shadows to create depth.

5. Line your eyes with Hip910 Black Shock on the upper lash line and Hip 915 silver lightning for lower lash line

6. Have Luscious Lashes with MY FAVOURITE PRODUCT taking this Opportunity to share – L’Oreal Paris ultra volume Collegene Mascara, love how it thickens and volume my lashes.

Taaaa..DAaaa… A NEW AGE Charlie Chapin Girl is here 🙂 …you Youyou… CAn do it too! Grab your favourite colors at watson and start playing with it . The colors are v intense and easily pick it up out of the blue when in need. 🙂

Have Fun, Mix and Blend your colors with HIP and the good thing is You can Always be CREATIVE and mix and Match to get your look of the day.

Have Hippilious Day and Off i go to my Halloween party.

Happy Halloween!!!

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