L’Oreal Paris – NEW Perfect Clean

Hi my lovely readers… it is time to clean! Alright…Maintaining clean face is not only for ladies or girl stuff.. Guys who is reading this… you can try it too!!!

ARE YOU A PERFECTIONIST? Our face totally leaves an impression… sooo Ready for the Introduction of this NEW PRODUCT?


The NEW PRODUCT is called L’Oreal Paris – NEW Perfect Clean… Perfect it is named… I LovE Perfecting in everything i does… and love it CLEAN on my face…down to every pore making the most DEEP Cleansing for the MOST beautiful skin.

The Scrublet – SOFT , FLEXIBLE BRUSH , something that even any other place selling aint so SOFT, usu. more silicon and not that soft…and i love this scrublet… it is SO CUTE!! 🙂 i totally POP it on the bathroom wall.

It comes with CANDY colors like White, Blue, Pink and Orange
Let me start with this… ORANGE – loves it…Smell like a fruit after wash


Looking at it …thinking “You are AMAZING! ”

It is Sooo Yummy… Smell like eating fruitS! Dun Pinch my FACE!

WHITE – smell light gentle scent
FOAMING GEL WASH – with salicylic acid -PUrifying -for blemish prone skin

PINK – loves it- no scent
FOAMING CREAM WASH – Soothing- for Dry and Sensitive Skin

BLUE – smell refreshing…it is suitable for both Sexes!
FOAMING GEL WASH – REfreshing – normal and combination skin

After using it FACE feels …
– Clean sensation, not tight at all! 🙂 thumbs up
– Pores look smaller – clean face yeild beautiful skin!
– Velvety Smooth Skin

Gin says : “I LOVE IT! <3” Recommanded to all my Readers! Get it and Tell me in my comments!!! Are you a Perfectionist? Don’t wait when it comes to making yourself nice and beautiful 🙂

Also, i love sharing my JOY on having L’Oreal Paris – NEW Perfect Clean.. I am giving out L’Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash (for normal and combination skin) – i love it myself too… it is REFRESHING!!!

How to Win? Tell me …. “i love ginevi with L’Oreal Perfect Clean” – leave your name and email on your comment! by 23 October
Yes that is FAST. So, Tell your friends and spread this word of mouth!

Check out the TVC – Advertisement….


Signing off… Time to have a refreshing wash 🙂 C is for Clean! Tee hee… Dun pinch my Cheek.

P.S : Thank you L’Oreal Paris for Everything! Check out their Facebook!
Thanks Flip for the Chance for making my own TBC video. check out their awesome video Cameras!  CLick

By the Way, many of you here are asking me how much is this cleanser… and i have a Super Good news for you all.. it is JUST $14.90 !!!  Simply it is SO Priced Reasonably! GLAB at least 2 of it coz we need to cleanse our face twice a day, morning and night , The ORANGE is a MUST have ! And another one for your preference. 🙂

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