Who put Sleeping Beauty to sleep?

Who put Sleeping Beauty to sleep? To Remember the fairy tales from where we grew up might not ring your mind for some but it is something that is simple, original and sweet… that a beauty love was created , and the saying of “happily ever after” came true…

Almost of the 4 venomous villains, i love them all… i love each of their story too but particularly i like to share this story with u…and the chosen queen will be MALEFICENT…actually she look most Stylish with the horny spiky head… and a classy deep eye socket heehee. 🙂 Ooops ok dun put the sleeping spell on me 😛

I gonna extract some story here to give u an idea of who this SPIKY HEAD Villains and why she put sleeping beauty to sleep…

Once Upon a time…. there lived a King and Queen who said every day, “If only we had a child!”  But for a long time they had none.

One day, as the Queen was bathing in a spring and dreaming of a child, a frog crept out of the water and said to her, “Your wish shall be fulfilled.  Before a year has passed you shall bring a daughter into the world.”

And since frogs are such magical creatures, it was no surprise that before a year had passed the Queen had a baby girl.  The child was so beautiful and sweet that the King could not contain himself for joy.  He prepared a great feast and invited all his friends, family and neighbours.  He invited the fairies, too, in order that they might be kind and good to the child.  There were thirteen of them in his kingdom, but as the King only had twelve golden plates for them to eat from, one of the fairies had to be left out.  None of the guests was saddened by this as the thirteenth fairy was known to be cruel and spiteful.

An amazing feast was held and when it came to an end, each of the fairies presented the child with a magic gift.  One fairy gave her virtue, another beauty, a third riches and so on — with everything in the world that anyone could wish for.

After eleven of the fairies had presented their gifts, the thirteenth suddenly appeared.  She was angry and wanted to show her spite for not having been invited to the feast.  Without hesitation she called out in a loud voice,

“When she is fifteen years old, the Princess shall prick herself with a spindle and shall fall down dead!”

Then without another word, she turned and left the hall.

The guests were horrified and the Queen fell to the floor sobbing, but the twelfth fairy, whose wish was still not spoken, quietly stepped forward.  Her magic could not remove the curse, but she could soften it so she said,

“Nay, your daughter shall not die, but instead shall fall into a deep sleep that will last one hundred years.”

After many years a Prince came again to the country and heard an old man tell the tale of the castle which stood behind the brier hedge and the beautiful Princess who had slept within for a hundred years.  He heard also that many Princes had tried to make it through the brier hedge but none had succeeded and many had been caught in it and died.

The the young Prince said, “I am not afraid.  I must go and see this Sleeping Beauty.”

The Prince went on farther.  All was so still that he could hear his own breathing.  At last he reached the tower and opened the door into the little room where the Princess was asleep.  There she lay, looking so beautiful that he could not take his eyes off her.  He bent down and gave her a kiss.  As he touched her, Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

Throughout the castle, everyone and everything woke up and looked at each other with astonished eyes.  Within the month, the Prince and Sleeping Beauty were married and lived happily all their lives.


(Thanks for the story ,  i extract from : http://www.dltk-teach.com/rhymes/sleeping-beauty/story.htm)

Hmm…True love came from the heart and giving unconditionally… and the items that caught my eyes today is… Briar Rose and Violetta…

Here’s a Before Look of me  …before becoming a villains… An innocent look….

Here My Fun look with the MakeUp…

Venomous-ilicous look…

Naughty Venomous-licious look

i trying to act like a real Venomous villains and dun smile

Here’s the pretty shades :

Got your M.A.C Venomous Villains too? tell me whats your favourite by posting a comment or Mayb shall with me which pix u like heehee.

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