Cozycot’s 1st blogger event – Introducing Talika

CozyCot is a one stop beauty forum that everyone can discuss and seek or talk to different beauty expert or girls to exchange ideas or goodies etc.

Thanks Debbie for the direction guide to me when i am kinda lost on the way up and u saw me downstairs… haaaa 🙂 interesting…

Thanks Cozycot for the invitation to Talika …Longer lashes in 28days

And we are being well taken care of with refreshments  during out breaktime on the 1st session… wondering whats next ….:

Longer eyelashes in 28days! Ok i am using it for a weeks already… 21 more days… 🙂 wink wink to longer lashes, darker and curlier!!!
Picture credit to, do check out the website…

Feel the itch of getting LONGER, INTENSE, CURLIER Lashes…ask Gin whether is it worth to get it? My say is , JUST DO IT! GET IT! Coz we all love to be beautiful. And it is Handy, can bring it with you always.

A tip for applying the gel to the lash roots and a brush for evenly applying the product to the eyelashes. The lash is thus cared for from root to the tip! Use it morning and night and everyday all round.

Guess what we are doing … it is the 2nd session activity where we are asked to do creative work…

and Finally to sum up today… group photo…

Last but not least… it is brought to you lovingly by

Thank you so much for everything… i enjoyed myself

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