My NEW Toy!!!! CHANEL Vitalumiere Eclat

Yeahhh 1st october… i got myself My NEW Toy!

Guess what i got?

As you know, no girls will say no to flowers and for me , i have never receive a bouquet of flowers before, of course it is really weird to buy that for myself as a early birthday gift…thus, my fetish for makeup never dies and it always make me itch all over  and never fail to make myself happy with .

Here, please to present… My NEW Toy!!!! CHANEL Vitalumiere Eclat…though shall be with me wherever i go 🙂 weeeee

It is really love at the 1st sight as i am wondering around …and i caught my eyes and the feel of it was fantastic… the texture was smooth… love it love love love

A must get item… FEEL it , you will fall in love with it like i do 🙂 check it out!

Weeee…HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!!! heehee

2 thoughts on “My NEW Toy!!!! CHANEL Vitalumiere Eclat

  1. how are you!This was a really admirable subject!
    I come from usa, I was fortunate to search your blog in google
    Also I get a lot in your subject really thank your very much i will come every day

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